That’s 3x the original MSRP and that’s not the only one they have on the lot.

A Subaru dealership in San Jose, California doesn’t just have one Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final edition for sale, they have two! According to their listings on, a brand new Pearl White Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with zero miles on the odometer is listed for $130,000 while a slightly used Octane Blue one can be yours for $118,000 before taxes.

While that might seem like a lot, considering that the original MSRP for these Final Editions was just $38,000, they are rare. No one else on has one for sale, and, according to Mitsubishi, they only made 1,600 Final Editions for the U.S. Market.

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When the last one ever made “drove down” the eBay auction lot, the last bid was north of $76,000. So, there’s precedence for paying top dollar for these boosted four-cylinders with a rich diamond star racing pedigree.

If a six-figure Lancer Evolution doesn’t sit right with you, right now there’s a private seller asking a reasonable $50,000 for his Lancer Evolution Final Edition with a hair over 14,000 miles on the clock, barely broken in.

And if you just want a regular late-model Evolution like an MR, they’re a dime a dozen for around MSRP or $34,000-ish.

Beside the rarity, what set these Final Editions apart was a +12 HP and +5 lb-ft bump in power to 3030 HP and 305 lb-ft, unique Brembos , Eibach springs, and special dark-chrome wheels on all four corners and unique interior bits and pieces.

For all intents and purposes, that power bump is negligible and you’d be hard-pressed to spot a Final Edition if one drove past you. However, there is something attractive about owning a discrete performance car that blends in well with regular traffic.

Subaru of San Jose knows they’re sitting on a proverbial gold mine with this duo and, if they wait it out long enough, the right buyer will come. Afterall, they’re in the heart of Silicon Valley and a six-figure Mitsubishi isn’t so crazy considering how much those tech gurus and VCs make.

But answer me this, is this interior below worth that much money?

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A regular Evo? Probably not. But one of these Final Editions. *sigh* Ya, probably.


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