Tilton Evo blew a tire during the second day’s first stint at World Time Attack and the photogs captured the brutal moment

World Time Attack Challenge Sydney 2019 was literally one for the record books with a new lap record and it wasn’t without its drama. During the first stint of day two on a hot lap, Tilton Racing’s new Mitsubishi Evolution build blew a tire which caused all their front aero to explode into smithereens.

Check out the photo below and then the video of the replay. You’ll have to fast forward to 23:49 to see the tire explosion.

I’ve embedded both the Livestream and Youtube just so you can choose which one you like.

And here’s a view of the tire and aero explosion from a spectator’s POV.

If you rewind a bit before the morning session went live, Tilton Racing driver Garth Walden had a lot of high hopes for this Evo in the shootout. Garth doesn’t outright say it but he’s certain this car was more than capable of breaking the WTAC time attack record which would mean dipping into the 1:19’s if not below that.

In a post-morning session interview after the mishap, Garth blames Barton Mawer’s RP968 Porsche 968 for throwing off his rhythm.

In the next hot lap after his run-in with Barton, Tilton’s Evo blows a right front tire, sending all that rubber into the front bumper and exploding the entire front end aero in dramatic fashion.

Unfortunately, Tilton did not improve on their 1:23 from earlier and they landed third for their hot laps in Sydney. All was not lost because Tilton’s other driver, Kosinken Phourokov, laid down a blistering 1:26.324 in the Hi Octane Direct Pro Am Class and taking first.

That’s racing. Race cars are dialed to 10/10ths on hot laps and nothing is guaranteed, even with all the risk management.


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