Formula Drift Rookie Dylan Hughes was in contention for Rookie of the Year but it looks like without a ride Irwindale, it’s not in the cards for 2019.

*Disclaimer: I literally just saw this blowup on Maximum Driftcast’s Facebook page so I’m writing some words about it below. If you’re reading this, you probably know more about the situation than me!

Formula Drift Rookie Dylan Hughes was all set for Irwindale, ready to lay it all out on the table for the last Round of the 2019 Formula Drift Season but all was for naught. According to an Instagram post he posted up earlier today before qualifying, Dylan Hughes dropped a bomb for all his fans announcing he won’t be competing. Huddy Racing won’t be bringing over his E46 at the last minute citing personal reasons.

Instead, Dylan’s re-wrapped his old Pro2 car to at least have some presence for his sponsors.

Check out his post below.

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It’s time to announce I will not be competing at irwindale this weekend. @huddyracing was unable to show up because of personal reasons and I’m hoping for the best on their side. This is my old Pro2 240. I sold it about a week ago to @braddavisracing and he was nice enough to let me borrow it, and re wrap it to match the e46. I will be around all weekend attending drivers meetings and at the autograph signing so I can continually represent my awesome sponsors. The car will be over in the @autozone booth by the #2jznascar and the #gt4586. I’m already focused on 2020, but first I owe a huge thank you to every single person who helped me this year, it’s has been incredible, but right now bummed is an understatement. -Dylan ? #nevergiveup @gumout @blackmagicshine @permatexusa @officialrainx @autozone @achillestire @bcracingna @partsshopmax @yokohamawheelusa @advancedclutch @recaroautomotive @simpsonraceproducts @vpracingfuels @unicorngarage @johnreedracing @streetfighter_la @radiumengineering @seiboncarbon @aemintakes @wilwooddiscbrakes @pbkreation @mishimoto @finishlinefactory

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Dylan Hughes drives a 2006 BMW E46 built by Huddy Racing based out of San Diego, California. Since Huddy Racing built the car and owns it, they have the final say when and where it goes. Ideally, Huddy Racing gets this car in fighting form to all the rounds, but if something comes up, there’s nothing Dylan can do about it.

Here’s a walk-around of Huddy Racing’s E46 below.

Supposedly Huddy Racing’s been inconsistent in the past with at least two other Formula Drift drivers, leaving them high and dry without a car before competition.

Dylan is currently 21st with 139 points.

Travis Reeder, another candidate for Formula Drift Rookie of the Year, is 29 points away, 18th overall.

Several other Pro Formula Drift Drivers popped up in the comments to both vent their frustration at Huddy Racing and leave a bit of encouragement for Dylan’s 2020 Campaign.

” Shit situation that’s out of your hands. Next year going to be ???”- Ryan Tuerck

” Such a shame it’s taken 3 years and 3 different drivers being completely f****d over by Huddy. Hopefully, the stain that is Huddy Racing will never have to be seen in or around racing ever again.” – Pat Goodin

Coincidentally enough, Huddy Racing turned off all their social media.

All the best to you Dylan in your 2020 season.

Do you have anything to add to this post? Know what t.f. is really going on? Drop a comment below!

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