Azusa teens driving an Evo X and a Subaru WRX STI almost slammed into a parked car after speeding on this San Gabriel Canyon Road.

It’s all fun and games until you crash or worse, roll down a canyon road. Two Azusa teens almost found out the hard way that you probably shouldn’t be driving way over the speed limit and in other lanes beside your own. A video first posted by Subaru WRX STI owner Christ Garcia and his buddy Erick Tarula has since gone viral.

Both cars can be seen driving at speeds closing in on 100 MPH on what many commenters identified as San Gabriel Road near Azusa Canyon. Out of seemingly nowhere, the teens drive up to a Nissan Maxima stopped sideways in their lane of travel. What some are chalking up to skill, both cars split the Maxima on either side. In dramatic fashion, the EVO X’s AWD system takes over, doling out grip in fractions of a second to tires that need it the most. Miraculously both cars regain control and traffic going the other way gets out of their way.

Unless otherwise posted, speed limits on two-lane roads are usually 55 MPH, which is, admittedly, on the low-end of what normal people usually drive at. Then again, drivers stay in their own lane, which these drivers were not.

Thankfully neither driver spun out, drove off the canyon road, or worse, crashed into oncoming traffic or into that lady if their reactions weren’t quick enough.

San Gabriel Canyon Road, while not as notorious as other roads in Los Angeles County, does have a history of dodgy drivers not reacting quick enough to conditions. As of this writing, just yesterday, a car drove off the road near Morris Dam near where these teens where speeding where the victim was pronounced dead upon recovery. Another lady’s car tumbled over the edge in 2011 which proved to be fatal. If you search a bit more, their are a handful of other incidents in recent years.

Shortly after they posted up this video, the EVO X driver took to Twitter low-key bragging about his “skill.” His video on that social media platform has since been deleted but his RT’s show how he felt.

Erick got roasted so much on Instagram that he even posted up an apology.

Skill or no skill, no one should be speeding on normal public roads like that, especially when there’s traffic going the other way.

Keep it on the track, kids.

Source: JDM Motors Club


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