Flush with cash from selling the devil’s lettuce, Taylor converted some of that drug money into rare JDM cars

The fate of dozens of rare JDM and Euro BMW cars is in the balance after Western, Massachusetts police raided the converted fireshouse/hideout of 41-year-old alleged Marijuana trafficker Cory Taylor. Among the over 40+ rare cars found housed bumper-to-bumper and from floor to ceiling in the converted engine room was millions of dollars in cash, guns, and over 50 pounds of the sticky icky.

Check out a gallery of photos showcasing all those rare JDM cars that might be auctioned off but will probably be crushed.

According to Mass Live on their report on this truly strange story from earlier this week, Taylor was pulled over by police on Aug 21 for a simple traffic stop while he was driving his Ford Econoline van. In the van police found over 138 pounds of marijuana, drugs he said he was transporting on a onetime deal.

Charged, thrown into jail, and ordered to appear in court, Taylor eventually made bail, and, as of this writing, is still at large.

Taylor, not surprisingly, didn’t show up to court for his arraignment.

Armed with a search warrant, local police searched Taylor’s residence and found out that not only was Taylor obviously lying, based on what they found, he was most likely a major marijuana trafficker and distributor in the Western Massachusets area.

There, investigators found a “high-end kitchen,” walk-in showers and a trove of 24 illegal weapons, 50 pounds of marijuana and stacks of cash, the report says. They also encountered a house cat during the search.

What’s going to happen to all those sweet JDM and Euro cars?

Whether Taylor imported these cars legally is questionable.

This is what Taylor ID’s himself on Linkedin.

It’s perfectly legal to bring these cars into the United States provided you keep them in storage, don’t register them, and keep them off the streets. When the appropriate federally mandated time has elapsed, then they are legit legal if registered, smogged, and insured.

If that’s the case then we might see these cars sold at auction, a fact many JDM importers in the area might be keen to learn.

More than likely these cars were brought in illegally. If so, to the wrecking yards is the only fate then.

There’s that one bit where Taylor’s assigned all his property to his Mom under a trust but, if they can prove these cars were obtained with illegal monies, it’s all subject to forfeiture.

Taylor’s probably hiding out until it’s not so hot. The police and FBI are more than likely monitoring his Mom if he attempts any last goodbyes before he disappears, but I reckon he’s already headed to the Mexican border.


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