This is what your friend is referring to when he calls his truck “La Mamalona.”

A heads-up: Filipino-American here writing about Mexican American slang. Please leave corrections and suggestions to improve this definition in the comments below.

If you live in the California, a South Western State, or in certain regions in Mexico you might come across a sticker with “La Mamalona” on someone’s truck. You might even find someone who identifies as a Takauache referring to their truck as the “La Mamalona.”

Like most slang, mamalóna has an official definition that, over time, turns into something else entirely.

Officially, Mamalón is a derogatory word to describe a lazy person, someone who typically does not work (unemployed by choice.)

Mamalona is the feminine singular form of mamalón.

In recent times, Mexican and Mexican-American youth started to use Mamalon to mean cool. UrbanDictionary says mamalon is an adjective used for “a really f*****g awesome thing.”

A blog post from clarifies mamalon even further as a regionalized “word of the royals” used by residents of Nuevo León, Monterrey in Mexico.

But what exactly is a Mamalona when referring to trucks?

According to Cultura Colectiva, mamalonas is a word used by Mexicans and Mexican residents of the Southern United States to describe large and luxurious trucks.

Urban Dictionary takes it one step further and describes La Mamalona as a term takuaches used to call their parent’s truck.

And watch enough videos on social media and Youtube when referring to mamalonas and the specific kind of truck becomes clear.

Typically, mamalonas are Chevrolet Silverados, GMC Sierras and Dodge Ram single cab short-bed trucks. They don’t necessarily have to be modified, but mamalonas are often lowered (but can be raised,) sport larger wheels and tires, and, if you hear one, have muffler deletes replacing the resonator with a more aggressive exhaust (think Borla, Carven, and Flowmaster.)

Ford F-150s can be Mamalonas, but they are not popular choices to turn into Mamalonas. Nissan Titans and Toyota Tundras are probably not Mamalonas, too, but can be.

Mid-size trucks like Chevy Colorados and Toyota Tacomas are definitely not mamalonas, they’re not large enough.

True to its derogatory roots, while La Mamalona can technically be a work truck, mamalonas are seldom dirty. Mamalonas are usually spotless with paint correction or a coat of wax and a nice tire shine year round.

Driving around town, Mamalonas often sport a giant Mexican flag or a flag of a local sports team popping up above its bed.

Parked, bonus points if your mamalona has a Mexican-themed sunshade.

Like most slang with no official definition, you’ll know a “La Mamalona” when you see one.


  1. hello! Just a small thing, it seems that by royals you are referring to regios from Monterrey. If that’s the case, the term does not really translate, as it is a short form of regiomontano, the denomination for the people. good day!


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