That liked Tweet wasn’t the only ones liked that make you scratch your head.

Whoever is running Elio Motors’ Twitter account should probably confirm they’re signed on to the right account before liking tweets.

Since June @ElioMotors only liked three tweets, none of them having to do with cars or its now EV company.

Here’s a screenshot of @ElioMotors latest liked tweets, just in case their social media account holder has enough sense to unlike them to save face.

The latest liked tweet making fun of the former FLOTUS comes from one @RebelliousT*dd, a self-proclaimed climate change denier with tweets, replies, and retweets one would describe as leaning heavily right.

Todd was replying to another reply, asking writer Emily Zanotti how Barack Obama knew a politically charged Loudoun County sexual assault case was phony, with a joke making fun of former FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s physical appearance.

This is not the first time that account’s made fun of the former FLOTUS. (mirror)

Why Elio Motors would like that joke is beyond me.

The other two liked tweets from Elio Motors are tweets not supportive of Olympian Gwen Berry’s impromptu podium protest during the United States Olympic Trials competition before the Olympic Games this last June.

This reply indirectly calls Berry a whiner for protesting.

In this tweet reply, @GAN*olePeach says she’s made the podium photo better by cropping Berry out.

Unbeknownst to many Twitter users with public profiles, their liked tweets are public for signed-in users to see.

Liking a controversial tweet can be a public relations disaster for.

Earlier this year, Carrie Underwood got the third degree from the Twitter-verse for liking an anti-mask tweet.

And unless you’ve been living under a rock, most are aware what a nightmare it was for Texas Senator Ted Cruz for liking an explicitly p****graphic tweet in 2017.

It’s not illegal to make or like controversial tweets. Millions of Twitter users do that every day. Many make a name for themselves that way.

But for official Twitter accounts of companies with stakeholders, it’s not a good look.


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