“It’s always the second child,” says the Mom

If you’ve got young ones with easy access to spray paint, you might consider putting those cans out of their reach, especially if you store them near your cars.

Mom to two boys and TikToker Kinsley Kervella, who goes by @KKervella123, uploaded two videos earlier this week showing both boys up to no good. As Kervella was giving the house a once-over before leaving, one of her boys grabbed a nearby spray paint can and decided to give Mommy’s Honda Pilot SUV a quick color change.

Kervella uploaded what her security cams caught on TikTok, videos embedded below.


Spray painting mommy’s car!! ##spraypaint ##secondchild ##ohno ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – Kervella

Part 2! Left that second child alone for 2 seconds. ##spraypaint ##part2 ##ohno ##ohmygod ##kidsoftiktok ##foryourpage ##sendbooze ##kidfail

♬ original sound – Kervella

As the video shows, one of the younger boys probably rationalized, with his preschool brain, that he’s doing Mom a favor, showing her how much he loves her with his artistic creativity.

Kervella’s firstborn knows what his brother is doing is not the right thing to do and quickly removes himself from his brother’s antics.

Thankfully, by the time Kervella finds her son’s handiwork, he’d only spray-painted a few areas.

Only fans of dark green colored cars will care, but this is no ordinary shade of green, it’s Honda’s Black Forest Pearl.

Kervella posted a follow-up video, answering TikTokers most common questions about her now viral video.

Both videos have over 23 million views combined, by the way.

We were heading to dinner,” Kervella says.

“I asked them to get their shoes on in the garage. I was grabbing my purse, shutting off the lights, doing my leave the house routine. I was shocked to find out that my youngest had spray-painted my car.”

“I don’t know why he didn’t spray paint dad’s car. I’m thinking it was just a gift for me. That’s what I’m going to go with. It was a gift for Mom. I’m truly, truly thankful for the love that they show me.”

How do you take off spray paint from a car’s paint job?

Those in the know, know this isn’t a big deal.

Wronged lovers, and jealous exs have been spray-painting all sorts of nasty things on cars since cars have been a thing.

According to Sell your Car 2 Jack, the best way to remove spray paint is by using plain old nail polish remover. You’ll want to go with a non-acetone based one as acetone, if left on too long on paint, will eat through the spray paint and your car’s clear coat, too.

After prepping the area, giving the affected area a good wash and dry, wiping nail polish remover by first applying it to a cloth and gently rubbing over the spray paint should do the trick.


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