Afraid the man would strike her, she whipped out her phone to record.

Denise Blanco, AKA @DeniseBlanco820, shared on TikTok the frightening moment a stranger approached her pumping gas and started to yell at her, accusing Blanco she’d cut in line when, in reality, she hadn’t.

Unconvinced and determined to get Blanco to comply, the man raises his voice an extra octave, screaming even louder for Blanco to, “Get in line like everybody else!”

Check out the video for yourself below.


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Blanco eventually drops a two-part explainer, spelling out exactly what went down.

According to Blanco,

“I went to Sam’s Club to get gas. As I approached the gas station, there were about 5 cars congested in one area.

“So I was like, Oh, OK, let me just go to another line because they’re not moving to the other ones. They’re just staying in one line instead of spreading out like you’re supposed to, that way you don’t wait too long.”

Here’s a screenshot of the San Bernardino Sam’s Club Gas station. As you can see, there are six lanes of pumps. Presumably, cars were bunched near the first two lanes, leaving the middle lanes with shorter lines.

So I go to a line where the pump wasn’t on my side, but the hose was really long there.,”Blanco continues.

I’ll just throw it over and just pump really quick. And this line is really shorter than all the other ones.

I waited for about five minutes and when it’s my turn, the car in front of me leaves. And when it leaves, the car in front of that one had already left, so there are two empty spaces.

I scooted up to the first one, that way someone could fit in behind me like you’re supposed to. As I turn off the car, I get off, and I see a guy standing there right next to the pump, and he’s on the phone, and I’m like “He’s a weirdo, don’t pay attention to him, just do your thing.”

Ironically, there are a lot of people in Blanco’s comments claiming she entered the wrong way, when in fact Blanco did not.

Blanco did admit getting in line with gas pump nozzles not on the side of her SUV’s gas filler door.

Contrary to popular belief, if the gas pump hoses are long enough…


Not only is that practice perfectly OK, it’s expected gas pump etiquette.

Blanco later finds out this guy wasn’t even in line waiting behind Blanco. He apparently already got his gas, left, and, when he observed Blanco pull up to her pump, incorrectly assuming she cut, decided to park and confront her.

“He already got his gas and decided to come back to yell at me.” Blanco says.

Blanco then recounts the conversation she had with the guy before she decided to record.

Guy: “You know, that’s some **** **** you pulled.”

Blanco: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Guy: “You cut everybody.

Blanco:”No, I didn’t I waited in line. What are you talking about?

Guy:” Get out of line!”

Blanco: “What?”

Fearing the guy might hit him, she got her phone out and started recording.

Before Blanco even starts pumping her own gas, she first calls police.

The man eventually leaves and gets a manager to approach Blanco. The manager asks Blanco to wait inside after Blanco informs him police are on their way.

And that’s where Blanco leaves us.

Presumably she and the male Karen both tell police their side of the story which, when seen for what it is, is a giant misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding or not, it’s important to point out the man clearly is in the wrong how he handled himself and the situation.

What he did is unacceptable.

Even if Blanco DID cut (which she didn’t) if you confront someone, you should do so with some level of decorum.

If he was level-headed enough to listen, he would’ve realized he was wrong.

Instead, he wasted his own time, made himself look like an ***, and got the police involved, an otherwise gigantic waste of everyone’s time.

Thankfully, Blanco was calm enough to take the higher road and to not escalate the situation even further.

We live in a society, people.

We’re supposed to act like adults, not children who throw a tantrum when they don’t get their way.

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