It’s a hairstylist’s nightmare to pull off for this particular reason.

Earlier this month, American entrepreneur and the lead behind Tesla, Elon Musk, arrived in Miami, Florida, ahead of Art Basel Miami. Paparazzi and press quickly honed in on one thing, Musk’s new hairstyle.

Check out photos of his new hairdo below.

While everyone with an opinion tries to categorize Musk’s new haircut under an existing hairstyle, as Slate points out, Musk’s hair does not fit into one particular mold. It’s a hairstylist’s nightmare.

“Those cuts share a tidy military vibe, with an even shave all the way around the head and lengthier hairs gelled in place. Musk’s is different: He sidesteps the fasch-y connotation with a more tousled top and that mysterious elongated backpiece.”

So, how do you go about getting an Elon Musk-style haircut if he’s literally the only one sporting it?

As “TheSalonGuy” suggests in his tutorial on the Macklemore haircut, a piece of advice shared by most hairstylists.

“You show your hairstylist a photo!”

The best source of high definition photos of Elon Musk’s new hairstyle come from that Daily Mail piece specifically highlighting Musk’s “wild new look.”

Save photos of the front, sides, and back of Musk’s head to your camera roll and whip them out to show to whoever is cutting your top.

There are some hints and handy tips to keep in mind before deciding to go with the Elon Musk look.

First, you’ll want the top of your head to be about 6-8 inches in length, enough for your hairstylist to work with.

If you’re attempting this haircut on someone else, watching a Macklemore tutorial might not be a bad place to start.

The easiest part of the Elon Musk haircut is the skin-tight buzz cut/undercut all around. It looks like a 1 & 1/2 but anywhere between a 1 and a 2 is a safe bet.

Pulling off the Musk mop-top will be a little more difficult. It looks like his hairstylist slicked his hair all the way back and cut straight-ish across to achieve a uniform length.

Musk uses some type of hair product, combs his hair to one side, and uses his hands to achieve that tousled yet uniformly wavy look from the front.

The top can be styled as wavy or straight as you want, as shown in Musk’s latest appearance accepting his Time Magazine award for Man of the Year.

Embed from Getty Images

Out back, Musk uses a half-finger length cut, rounded off, that ends right above his ears.

Hopefully that gives you some idea how to achieve the Elon Musk haircut.

Are you an actual hairstylist and want to chime in? Please, and leave your comment below.


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