“Own your own spice harvester?”

If you’re a fan of Dune or American author Frank Herbert and want to buy his old car or are want to buy a solid Volvo in general, now’s your chance. According to a Seattle Craigslist ad that popped up earlier yesterday (Feb 18, 2022) a 1966 Volvo 122S (AKA a Volvo Amazon) supposedly once owned by Washington-based author Frank Herbert is for sale.

Check out a gallery of photos of the Volvo in question below.

“This is the actual car that Frank Herbert of Dune fame owned and operated, “the ad says.

“The Volvo still has his name on the original title, and the tourist visa stickers from his trips.”

Sure enough, the photo of the tattered vehicle title shows a ’66 Volvo 122 sedan previously registered to a Frank P. Hebert with a P.O. Box in Port Townsend, Washington.

In between his various travels in the United States and around the world, Herbert is known to have two houses he spent time in, one in Hawaii and the other in Port Townsend, WA.

The one foreign decal in the rear is for tourist registration to drive in Mexico in 1974.

Although the 122S looks Beige, some google’ing reveals it might be more of a Light Green.

The 122S appears to be in decent shape with no signs of large damage.

” Bought in Port Orchard and stored in outdoor storage in Everett. It ran when I parked it and is absolutely worth the effort to make this gem shine again!”

The listing has a listed price of $3,500, but we can assume the current owner wants considerably more.

According to Bring A Trailer listings, 122S’s, from decent to pristine, fetch between $4,500 and $30,000.

Based on the photos, this 122S looks average, at best. Without its famous previous owner, a $7,000 offer sounds about right.

With the fame tax, an extra $1,000 sounds reasonable.

Sure, Herbert of the Dune series owned it, but Herbert isn’t exactly “my personal belongings demand a premium” famous.

“Have keys and title in hand. Open to reasonable offers,” the ad concludes.

With an actual decent Dune movie making headlines, this 122S owner is hoping to parlay some of that buzz into a higher for sale price.

If you’re in the Everett, WA area looking for a decent Volvo or are a serious Herbert fan with cash to burn, this 122s is for you.


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