“Because I’m Spanish, you give me all those tickets?”

This New York State Police officer really had it out for Instagram user @Brian_Party after he was pulled over for towing a Honda Odyssey with his personal truck and trailer. In a video he shot on the side of the freeway later shared with WorldStar, Brian shows how ridiculously long the roll of tickets the officer hit him with.

At 35 tickets, it was several feet long, a lot longer than your average CVS receipt. Check out his video for yourself below.

“They pulled me over because I was doing a favor for my cousin,” Brian says.

“He bought this van. The thing is he gave me a ticket, he pulled me over because I don’t have a DOT number.”

According to GLS Permits, ” If you haul items or products of any kind as a For-Hire Carrier (you are being paid to haul these items or products) inside New York State… you are required to register for New York State Intra-State Motor Carrier Authority and a DOT number, also known as NYS DOT / NYSDOT.”

But, as Brian points out, he was just doing a favor using his owner personal vehicles, towing his cousin’s van out of his own pocket.

If the GVWR of your truck and car trailer is less than 26,000 pounds and you are towing for personal use, notDOT number is needed.

“This is personal,” Brian says pointing to his Dodge Ram.

“This is personal (pointing at his trailer) and look at how many tickets they gave me. They gave me 35 tickets. That’s all tickets…y’all can’t believe that s***? Because I’m Spanish?”

“This is an old trick the police do when they mess up, they bury you in tickets,” TikTok user @TheFatherMind says.

“They bury you in tickets so that you will just plead out something simple.”

If what @TheFatherMind says is true, any competent traffic lawyer should get this man out of his “longer-than-a-CVS-receipt” roll of violations.

Handing out a handful of traffic violations to make a point is one thing, but 35?

That many tickets is unnecessary.


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