Manual is optional on the Integra A-Spec Tech.

A week ’til the Integra order books open up, and we’re finding out new details about Acura’s latest entry-level offering.

According to a dealership order screen that leaked on Instagram, the 2023 Acura Integra will come with a CVT transmission as standard on base, A-Spec, and A-Spec Tech.

As announced in Acura’s official press release, a 6-speed manual is optional but, now we know it’s available on the top of the line A-Spec Tech and, presumably, the Type S (whenever that’s eventually announced.)

Honda’s 1.5L Turbo and CVT combo are currently used in the North American Honda Civic, Accord, and, CR-V, so, Acura giving the Integra a CVT isn’t really a surprise.

Although soon-to-be Integra owners clung to hope, considering the ILX uses an 8-speed dual clutch automatic and the Accord has a 10-speed automatic, neither “sportier” non-manuals pair directly to Honda’s 1.5L Turbo engine.

Despite CVT’s non-enthusiast like sound and general lack of driving engagement, Honda designed and engineered CVTs are currently some of the best and most reliable CVTs in the business, delivering smooth power, oftentimes slightly quicker than its manual counterparts.

Currently, the Accord Sport sends 192 HP and 192 lb-ft to its CVT.

It’s safe to assume the 2023 Acura Integra will have horsepower and torque numbers north of 200 with a sport-tuned CVT that hopefully delivers a more engaging driving experience compared to its powertrain family members over at Honda.

This news will miff those planning to buy this new Integra, and understandably so, but it’s still premature to dismiss this new Integra before literally anyone, even journalists, have given it a proper go.

Integra’s pre-order site goes live on March 10 and journalists will probably get their hands on one soon thereafter.

Here’s to hoping it’s Honda’s sportiest CVT yet.


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