That’s about 81,000 miles per year

Stroll into Woburn Toyota in Woburn, MA and you’ll see a Slate Metallic 2016 Toyota Corolla parked in front of their sales office, roped off from handsy car shoppers.

A quick glance at the sign taped on the windshield reveals why this commuter car is getting the VIP treatment, this Corolla has 485,053 miles on it!

Check out Woburn Toyota’s post below.

To find out more, I gave Woburn Toyota a call and e-mailed Peter Cronin of Albrecht Auto Group.

“It’s a one-owner 2016 Toyota Corolla,” Cronin replied

“Original engine and transmission, and they only came in for regular service. The Corolla was owned by a courier, hence the miles.”

I also found out the only damage found on this Corolla was a minor knick in the front bumper.

The Corolla was part of a trade-in for another Toyota.

Keeping Toyota’s maintenance guide for regular service in mind, that means in 6 years this Toyota Corolla went through,

  • At least 15,157 gallons of gas (assuming 32 mpg combined)
  • 97 tire rotations
  • 48 oil changes
  • 16 engine air filters
  • 16 cabin air filters
  • 8-9 sets of tires
  • 4 sets of spark plugs
  • …and at least a handful of water pumps and serpentine belts

These newer Corollas have lifetime timing chains, so there’s no need for a timing belt service.

By now, most Toyota fans are aware of that one million mile Tundra, but I think these high-mileage Corollas are slightly more impressive.

Whereas that Tundra achieved that amount of mileage with a 4.7L V8, these Corollas make do with a significantly smaller 1.8L four-cylinder.

Given the same kind of regular service and driving, I’m sure this Corolla would’ve eventually hit 1 million miles, no problem.

And, I can confidently say that for any car in Toyota’s lineup.

One thing’s for certain, if you’re looking for the most value out of your cars and drive a lot, choosing any Toyota as your next set of wheels is a no-brainer.


  1. Im just wondering what sort of transmission the vehicle had, was it Manual or CVT, and if it was CVT they didn’t say they serviced the transmission at all, now that’s insane, nearly 500k miles without a service, what a feeling Toyota.

  2. I have a 2015 Corolla S Class, 6 Speed manual with 362000 miles on it. Original Transmission, original clutch, original engine, oil changes every 10000 miles, changed the alternator 5 years ago.


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