Phoenix Yellow is probably an Acura Integra Type S exclusive

Three days before the order books open for the 2023 Acura Integra and we now know the interior and exterior color options, leaked a screenshot of a dealer order form earlier yesterday.

Check out what to expect when you pre-order or check out an Integra at a dealership below.

Hondas and Integras are all about making your car your own, so, six available colors off the bat is a tad underwhelming.

For comparison, third gen Integras had 10 color options when they first debuted in 1993.

It looks like Acura’s covered all its bases for the most popular colors, so, Integra shoppers should find a color they like.

Acura will initially offer three trim levels, Base, A-Spec, and, A-Spec Tech.

Base Integras are offered in Majestic Black Pearl, Liquid Carbon Metallic, Performance Red Pearl, and, Platinum While Pearl.

Majestic Black Pearl or Platinum White Pearl with a Graystone interior combo are only found on the Integra base models.

Moving on up to the A-Spec and A-Spec Tech, in addition to Base colors, Apex Blue Pearl and Lunar Silver Metallic are available.

For the interior for A-Spec and A-Spec Tech Integras only, you can pair a Red Interior with Majestic Black Pearl, Liquid Carbon Metallic, or, Platinum White Pearl


…an Orchid Interior with Apex Blue Pearl, Performance Red Pearl, or Platinum White Pearl.

Disappointingly, 2023 Acura Integras don’t come in any shade of green, a staple for third gen Integras that included such shades like Clover Green, Cypress Green, and Isle Green.

Honda already has a Black Forest Pearl that would look great on these Integras.

Integra fans would’ve also loved a shade of purple like the previously offered Royal Grape, and Black Current.

The soon-to-be-announced Type S variants may take a page from the TLX Type S and offer a Tiger Eye Pearl, and Phantom Violet Pearl on top of the aforementioned and promised Phoenix Yellow.

Acura is sure to unveil new color options for model year 2024 and beyond.

We’ll see if this leak is 100 percent true, as Acura will have to make color options official on March 10.

What colors should’ve been offered?

Let me know in the comments below.



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