His friend’s hands on his head says it all.

Redditor /u/JasonTheX shared dashcam footage on the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit of an Escalade owner who decided to waste five minutes of everyone’s time by blocking a parking garage lane to make unloading luggage that much easier.

Despite open spaces literally a few feet from his supposed friend’s car and honks from Jason for him to get out of the way, the Escalade owner and his friends took their sweet time.

Redditor /u/tsochicken90 conveniently listed this man’s offenses, calling this Escalade driver’s actions, “the most entitled thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

  1. He’s driving the wrong way down a one-way
  2. He’s in the middle of a one-way that’s wide enough for two ars.
  3. He’s parked in a lane designated for travel.

“I had blown my horn and yelled out the window twice before this,” Jason says after another Redditor asked why he wasn’t laying on his horn. “They didn’t move until there were a few other cars behind me doing the same thing.”

Jason’s dashcam footage caught the exact moment he destroyed his liftgate reversing out of the way!

Check out the embarrassing bit of sweet, sweet instant karma below.

As the video shows, the Escalade owner left his liftage open and, I guess out of sight, out of mind, as he reversed, his liftgate slammed into the parking garage’s low ceiling.

The irony of this, as another Redditor and Pine Belt Cadillac points out, is that it’s super easy to close the powered liftgate.

One of the four ways to close it is by “Pressing the round button in the middle of the interior overhead console.”

There’s literally a button inches away from the driver’s hands.

Insurance aside, it’s going to cost whoever repairs this mistake several thousands. Even a used liftgate off eBay is at least $2,000 when you consider shipping and taxes.

an Escalade liftgate on eBay

As my Mom always says, If you want to do things right, do it right from the start.” That means, if you need to unload luggage and it’s going to take a long time, don’t take shortcuts and try to pull a fast one by blocking traffic.

Invariably, in the middle-aged adrenaline-filled rush of it all, you’re going to not think and there’s a good chance you might pull a bonehead move, like this Escalade driver, and assume the ceiling’s high enough for open liftgate reversing.

It might be any number of things, but if you’re rushing and not doing it correctly, it will happen.

If you find yourself choosing between inconveniencing someone or taking those extra steps, be nice, set aside your manhood, and take a few more moments to do it right.


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