If this trial run proves successful, glow in the dark lane markings might become commonplace all over Australia

Hard to see lane markings at night, particularly in places without proper street lighting, might become a thing of the past if this trial run headed by VicRoads of Victoria, Australia proves successful.

Victoria-based road construction company “Tarmac Linemarking” shared on Facebook earlier last week they’re, in conjunction with OmniGrip and Vic Roads, rolling out a trial run of an all new Photoluminescent (Glow in the dark) lane marking on certain roads in Victoria.

Check out photos from their announcement below.

According to a more recent update, Victoria residents will be able to experience these new glow in the dark roads “all across Gippsland, from Philip Island to the border.”

Glowing road markings are not a new concept.

According to Reliable Paving, the main benefits of glowing road markings include,

-Increased visibility and safety for drivers

-Providing visible lane markings in places without proper street lighting.

-In the event of a power outage, lane markings are still visible.

-Reduced overall electricity use, power meant for street lighting can be diverted elsewhere.

Glow in the dark roads have been implemented at least once before.

The Netherlands initiated a similar pilot project in 2014, equipping lane markings roads on the N329 in Oss, near Amsterdam, with the photoluminescent paint.

There were two major hiccups.

“Since the road markings were put in place two weeks ago it has been reported that some drivers were driving along the road in the dark with their headlights switched off so that they could experience the glow in the dark effect,” the BBC reports.

Drivers also soon found out, an unfortunate observation confirmed by civil engineers in charge, that “road markings were sensitive to large amounts of moisture due to rainfall.”

The glow in the dark lane markings were washing off in the rain!

Hopefully, this new formula of glow in the dark lane markings in Victoria is much more resistant to the elements.

Even with minimal chasing from office lights, these lane markings look seriously bright.

As for drivers switching off their headlights, we can only pray that Aussie drivers are smarter than those Dutch ones in 2014.

Do you think glow in the dark roads are a smart investment of your tax dollars or is just a gimmick that will fade away, literally and figuratively, over time?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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