A no-frills and affordable tire you’re only going to find at Wal-Mart.

Websites: www.douglastires.com & www.walmart.com

Shopping for tires for your car, compact SUV, or crossover and you’ll probably come across these Douglas All-Season tires sold exclusively at Walmart.

Douglas All-Seasons

Take, for example, a Douglas All-Season 205/55/16 found on a newer, base model Toyota Corolla, at $63 per tire or $252 before taxes, these Douglas All-Seasons are an absolute bargain.

At that price, you’re going to ask yourself, are these Douglas All-Seaons any good?

Here’s why Douglas All-Seasons are, at best, a more than OK tire, a tire brand and model you can feel confident spending your hard-earned dollars on.

Douglas Tires, the company

According to Douglas Tires, they’ve been doing business for over 25 years and label themselves as, “the smart choice for dependable versatility at an everyday value.”

Douglas tires are made by Springfield, MO-based Kelly Tires and is itself a subsidiary of the Akron, OH-based Goodyear Tire and Rubber company.

As you can see on the Douglas trademark registration page, Goodyear has owned Douglas tires since 1992.

Based on this zoom-in of a Douglas All-Season tire, it says Douglas Tires are made in the U.S.A.

Douglas tires are made in America

Douglas tires are American made, a point to keep in mind when cross-shoping against, for example, Goodyear Reliants which, while some Reliants are made in the United States, many Reliants are stamped, “Made in Mexico.”

What Douglas says about their All-Season

According to Douglas,

The Douglas All-Season Tire is designed for cars and minivans and offers a comfortable, quiet ride. Circumferential grooves and blades and center line notches improve traction in both wet and dry conditions. 

Key features include,

  • The Douglas tire provides confident, all-season traction
  • All-season performance tire has center lines that provide enhanced grip
  • Treadwear: 45,000 miles
  • Does well in all weather conditions including dry, rain and snow
  • Helps to inspire peace of mind when you are behind the wheel

Dry weather performance

All of my research for these Douglas All-Seasons comes directly from reading customer reviews.

At over 2,450 reviews for these Douglas All-Seasons, there are some broad generalizations you can make.

Reading through literally dozens of reviews, not many reviews specifically mention dry weather performance, but many do gush over how well these Douglas All-Seasons perform in all types of weather.

“I like the Douglas All-Season tires because they are softer and stick to the road better than a hard tire, “says five star reviewer Jonathan on Oct 25,2021.

“I have been running Douglas on every vehicle I’ve owned,” says five star reviewer Garret on Nov 26,2021. “I have never had any issues. Great traction in all weather. As well with handling well.”

Wet weather performance

While many reviews mention good performance in all-seasons, there are a few reviews that mention lack luster performance when it gets wet.

I would keep this in mind if you live in a place that gets a lot of rain.

For example, Reviewer Wiredart23 mentions, on January 1, 2017, “The tires performs well on wet roads. It displaces water and still have control of the vehicle. It handles no difference from expensive tires.”

“The tires performs well on wet roads, says 5-star reviewer Fred on April 23, 2020. “It displaces water and I still have control of the vehicle. It handles no difference from expensive tires.”

Contrast that to this review below.

“No good for raining days, “says a two-star reviewer Jorge on Nov 11,2021. “No grip. I don’t want to know what’s going to happen in snow. Maybe these are good for dry places, but no good for New York weather.”

“Avoid if it rains often where you live,” says two star reviewer Grimspace on Nov 27,2017 “Terrible traction in the rain even at low speeds in my ’06 Camry.”

Snowy performance

From the reviews I’ve read, these Douglas All-Seasons seem to deliver decent snowy roads performance.

“So far I really like them,” says five star reviewer Jules on Dec 21,2016. “I got the tires right when we had a snow storm, and they grip far better than the tires that were on my car. I think having all-season tires makes a big difference for snow. My old tires were Goodyear ( I believe touring) and even when they were new did not get through the snow and slippery roads as well as these do.”

“All season, but performed extremely well in the Midwest snow this past winter,” says five star reviewer Nate on Aug 6,2021 “Put a set of four on a 2009 Civic and it was a beast in the snow without chains.”

“I live in the northern part of Ohio and they are great in snowy conditions and wet conditions,” says five star reviewer Zachary on July 4, 2021. “Regular rotation of them leads to a decent life.”

Comfort (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness)

While there are a handful of negative reviews that point out how much louder and harsher these Douglas All-Season tires are compared to their old tires, I’ve found a lot of reviews saying how these Douglas All-Seasons are much smoother and quieter.

“These Douglas tires are more affordable, offer better traction and a have quieter ride than some Hankook tires I had on my van,” says five star reviewer Holcin on May 6,2021.

“I installed these on my 2010 Escape. They are super quiet and are fabulous in the rain…,” circling back to Fred’s aforementioned comments.

“I can say that so far they are quiet, the ride is comfortable, the car handles beautifully and did fine in the snow last week,” says five star reviewer steveNewarkIL on Dec 9, 2016.

“Car feels solid and stable and they are surprisingly quiet,” says five star reviewer Scooter on Mar 2, 2017.


Douglas All-Seasons have a 45,000 mile limited treadwear warranty.

Douglas Tires does not list any information how they actually deliver on that treadwear warranty but, from what I’ve read, your local Walmart Tire and Lube center should be able to help you out in this regard.

I imagine the treadwear warranty works similarly as the one listed on Goodyear’s website.

If you keep record of your tire rotations using the “prescribed rotation patterns as recommended by either the vehicle manufacturer” and find that these Douglas All-Seasons do not last up to 45,000 miles, you’re more than likely entitled to a Walmart-only pro-rated discount.

For example, if your Douglas All-Seasons last only 30,000 miles and you present proof of purchase and record of rotations to your local Walmart Tire and Lube Center, they should theoretically give you a 33% discount towards a new set of the same tires.

Relevant videos


Based on the reviews I’ve read, it really seems like the Douglas All Season tire is a decent all-rounder.

The Douglas All-Season is nothing fancy, it has a basic, unoffensive sidewall pattern, a run-of-the-mill tread pattern that looks like it does well in any condition, and a middle-of-the-road tire compound that’s not too hard or soft.

As mentioned, the reviews that are critical of these All-Seasons performance when it gets wet is something to keep in mind.

If you’re on a budget or are just looking for a set of new tires, I have no reservations recommending Douglas All-Season tires.

If you live in Phoenix, AZ, these would be a no-brainer.

But, if you live in rainy Seattle, WA, I feel less confident recommending these.

Like all tires, performance and tread life drop off significantly when you don’t do the most basic tire maintenance, so keeping these Douglas All-Seasons pumped up to their manufacture prescribed PSIs as well as rotating them when it’s time for a tire rotation is key to get the best out of these budget tires.

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