It’s no surprise considering the Integra has the Civic Si engine under the hood, but surprising nonetheless.

It’s been less than two weeks since the all new 2023 Acura Integra’s made its way onto dealership lots and new owners are already strapping them onto dynos in hopes to eke out a few more horsepower.

One new 2023 Acura Integra owner took his Integra to Tampa, Florida-based JLA Performance, best known as Javi Tuned, and did three dyno pulls on their DynoJet wheel dyno.

Better yet, Youtubers AHC Garage AKA Acura Honda Classic filmed it.

Check out their video below and FF to 22:18 for the dyno pulls.

Acura rates its 1.5L VTEC Turbo at 200 HP and 192 lb-ft, the same as the Civic Si.

Keep in mind, these dyno pulls were done in the middle of Summer in Florida, less than ideal dyno conditions.

On their first pull the Integra put down 183 HP and 198 lb-ft. The tuner admits the dyno setup wasn’t setup correctly and, with no airflow via portable blowers (fans.)

The first dyno pull was not as accurate as he’d like.

The next two dyno pulls saw the Integra hit 197 HP and 200 lb-ft and 196 HP and 195 lb-ft.

Those pulls are probably the more accurate ones.

Notice how peak torque hits pretty early and stays there while horsepower builds up.

These pulls are in line with other Civic Si wheel dyno runs.

PRL ran a 2022 Civic Si also on a dynojet dyno and hit 203 HP and 199 lb-ft.

As commenters and other publications have concluded these 1.5L turbos are under-rated from the factory if they’re able to put down their stated engine HP to the wheels.

These Civic Sis and Integras are making at least 220 HP.

“This is perfect for a “base” model,” says an actual new Integra owner.

“The power is great and I can easily pass whoever I want and, if I need to downshift to do it, even better.”

And, since it’s not an entirely new engine, if new Integra owners are already itching for more power and don’t want to wait for the Type S, flash tuners already have ready made tunes for you.

Ktuner, for example, has a tune (with flex fuel integration) that can level up your Integra up to 263 HP and 269 lb-ft.

Unlike the Civic Si, these Integras come with a CVT as standard.

The return of an affordable, legendary nameplate, now, with dyno passes to back up its power claims, Acura’s latest entry level premium sport compact can only get better from here.


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