You’ve seen those Biden and Putin “I did that” stickers. Now get ready for the “Oil executives did this” gas pump sticker

As inflation continues to pummel the United States and the larger global economy and gas prices show no sign of slowing ($5.04/gal as of this blog post,) creatives are finding new ways to let their views be known.

Say hello to the “Oil Executives did this” sticker.

Twitch streamer and Twitter user Kristina Oakes, who goes by @uhmmkristina on all the socials) posted a photo she presumably took at her local gas station showing a new sticker placed near the button for Regular Unleaded.

Prime Engine Oil Pump On The Cheap
Prime Engine Oil Pump On The Cheap

Check out her tweet below.

The picture, quite rightfully, when absolutely viral with over 2,000 RTs, 23,000 likes, and 140 comments and counting.

Naturally, fans of this new sticker asked where they could snag a couple for themselves.

A quick google reveals these new stickers are made by a Washington-based indigenous mask maker whose business goes by “Show Me Your Mask.”

This blog post’s video (and accompanying article) and the sticker creator’s many TikToks on how oil executives are responsible for these egregious gas price increases should shed some light on the impetus behind this sticker’s creation

There are two sticker packages to choose from.

First, you can buy a single sheet of five stickers for $11, which, after the $9 shipping, works out to $4 per sticker. (Five stickers for $11 linked here.)

Or, you can buy 40 stickers (10 sheets with four stickers per sheet,) for either $52.68 for 6×4 sheets or $70.24 for 8.5×11 sheets. If you go for the 6×4 sheets (probably right sized for gas pumps,) after the $9 shipping, this value pack works out to $1.54 per sticker, clearly the better deal.(Value pack for 40 linked here.)

More than likely, copycat stickers will surface in the coming days, but, if you want the original design, is the place to go.

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