The is possibly the first NFT sale attached to a car reservation in crypto history.

More than two months after Acura announced they’re offering a limited edition NFT to the first 500 reservation holders, some actual trade volume finally occurred.

First NFT sale attached to the automotive industry ever?

According to OpenSea item activity for the Next-Gen Integra #303, it was sold on June 13,2022 at 1:56 PM (UTC) between Opensea user Fihsak676 to Bambrano for the handsome sum of .35 ETH.

Ethereum was trading for $1236.24/ETH netting Fihsak676 $432.68.

Since trades are transparent and on the block chain, transaction details (found here) are available.

Details of the historic sale

The only other detail of interest is Bambrano also had to pay Opensea $10.80 to make the trade happen.

As mentioned, those who minted this limited edition NFT didn’t actually have to buy an Integra, they just had to reserve it.

Since we don’t know if Fihsak676 actually took ownership of one, he more than likely is enjoying his earnings (however small,) sans Integra.

Corroborating this theory is that, according to Acura, Next-gen Integra NFT holders who actually take delivery of an Integra have the opportunity to upgrade their NFTs.

When you take delivery of the 2023 Acura Integra, you will return to this website to upgrade your NFT. We will ask for information to determine your eligibility and will upgrade your NFT when we receive that information.

#303, and all of the other ones for that matter, remain unupgraded.

Next-gen Integra NFT holders, however, are having trouble upgrading, so there’s a possibility Fihsak676 did take delivery.

It’s probably no coincidence this Next-Gen Integra NFT sold when it did. The price for almost all of the major crypto currencies are currently taking a nosedive.

More than likely, Bambrano saw this as an opportunity to swoop up one of these limited edition Integra NFTs.

Fihsak676 probably wasn’t aware he still had #303 up for sale and couldn’t preemptively raise its price to avoid losing it thanks to crypto currency markets correcting.

NFTs, in general, are criticized for having little to no utility in our Web 2.0 environment.

NFTs attached to car purchases or reservations do have the small utility of possibly further lowering the overall amount financed.

If Fihsak676 did get his Integra, it’s theoretically $432 less expensive.

Whatever the case, one of these NFTs actually sold, a possible historic moment for the intersection of the automotive industry and NFT/Crypto space.

If you want a Next-Gen Integra NFT for yourself and missed out on one, as of this writing, there’s only one for 4 ETH ($4,492) up for grabs.

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