“I’m a proud family man….(I) don’t deserve vegetables flying at my head.”

An anonymous submission to the “Taylorville, IL Anonymous 2.0” Facebook group is getting a lot of attention for the unusual and admittedly humorous incident that played out.

A self-proclaimed family man and Lexus owner called out a Taylorville girl for chucking a potato at his head as he drove by.

The post is linked here, screenshot of the post below.

“To the little girl that threw a fully grown adult potato at my head this evening, I hope you are happy with yourself,” the anonymous submission owner said.

Taylorville, IL is a small rural town in Christian County (town website linked here.) With a population (as of 2010) of only 11,246, it’s presumably one of those cozy, tight knit American communities.

Check out what their Main St looks like, it’s classic Americana Anytown, USA.

That doesn’t mean gossip, like the anonymous submissions to “Taylorville, IL Anonymous 2.0” aren’t appreciated.

Since they’re anonymous, there’s no way to confirm if this spud chucking incident actually happened.

But, by the way it’s worded, how the post proudly points out he’s a Lexus owner, and how he decries the moral downturn of Taylorsville as a whole, it sounds like an honest gripe someone would actually submit.

And, reading through a handful of posts on that group, it’s an honest-to-goodness local anonymous submission page and not parody.

The group’s admin, and the page’s followers threw in their .02

“It’s not the town,” the admin commented. “It’s the whole entitled generation and the parents that choose not to care enough to discipline their children.”

“This is the best laugh I’ve had for awhile!, Ann Altman commented. “Taylorville has a lot and maybe we should advertise our humor!”

“Say a prayer for those baby potatoes that never got to grow up to be an adult,” Leroy Kleimola quipped

The potato throwing incident, now nicknamed Tater Gate, picked up steam as other local 217 Facebook groups piled in on the fun.

Here are two notable memes from Tater Gate via 217 Problems.

Taylorsville’s notorious potato thrower story got as far as @BestOfNextDoor on Twitter, which is where I found out about this story. That tweet’s been RT’d over 600 times and received 7,300 likes and counting.

The replies on Twitter were equally as notable.

Lightheartedness aside, while the incident paints a funny picture, please, don’t hurl potatoes, or any vegetables for that matter, at people while driving.

I can’t think of an acceptable vegetable or fruit that can’t potentially cause harm and possibly temporary confusion to a driver, especially if it hits them in a specific way (to the noggin or a stem poking their eye…hey, it’s a possibility.)

Water balloons, sure.

A snowball, maybe.

But hearty, solid, vegetables like an ear of corn? Not a good idea.

Plus, that’s just wasting good food.

Throwing away a solid potato? In this economy?

If that happened to me, I’d flip a 180 and pick that potato up.

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