$50,975 isn’t even that expensive for the world of yachts.

Earlier yesterday (July 16, 2022) Twitter use @MrTrendWatch shared with his 13,000 followers that his friend and yacht owner paid $50,975.03 to fill up his yacht with 77,000 gallons of diesel fuel.

For the average Joe who’s never even stepped on any kind of pleasure craft, let alone considered boat ownership, dropping that much money on fuel alone boggles the mind.

Is this really the norm?

Absolutely, it is.

Check out the tweet for yourself below.

First, you have to realize if you’re in the position to own a yacht, you’re super rich and not working the average 9-5.

Let’s take this Hessen Yacht dubbed Erica, the last time it sold it cost its owner $35,000,000.

At over 163 feet, it’s much larger than the average yacht but not as long as some super yachts out there.

The Hessen Yacht Erica is powered by two MTU diesel engines with a fuel capacity of 45,000L (11,887 gallons.)

To fill the Erica, at $6.62 per gallon $78,691.94.

That nearly $80,000 of fuel gets you 3750 nautical miles of range (4,315) miles.

And, that’s not even that expensive when it comes to yachts.

At 180 feet, this Azzam Yacht is longer and has an even larger fuel tank, a whopping 1,000,000 liters (264,172 gallons) of diesel capacity.

At the above fuel price it costs $1,748,818 to fill up, that’s right, more than $1.7 million.

Insane, right?

As you can see, Yacht, Super Yacht, and Mega Yacht ownership is on another level of wealth regular folks like myself can’t even fathom to imagine.

It costs several million of dollars to keep these boats in tip-top shape every year, let alone the price of fuel.

Now that we know how expensive it is to fill up you also have to consider yacht owners aren’t exactly yachting around the world all the time.

Most yacht owners use it as a status symbol, storage of wealth, for privacy, and for parties a few nautical miles off shore.

Regardless, filling up a yacht can easily cost 6-7 figures, not sweat.

$50,975? peanuts for yacht owners.

So, the next time you’re filling up your Camry and it costs you more than $60, just think, at least you’re not filling up a yacht.

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