Commenters laud the thief for at least being honest

Bay Area vandals who once broke windows to steal from your car are now trying a new tactic, appealing to your heart instead. Bay Area resident Joey Rico (who goes by @WhosJoeyRico on Instagram) shared a photo to @ItsTheBay showing a slip of paper left on his windshield from a supposed former vandal proclaiming he’s done with stealing and asking for a donation instead.

Check out what the supposed former thief left on Rico’s windshield below.

“I don’t want to STEAL anymore!,” the note says. “But, I still have bills to pay. Can you help me, please?”

‘Sorry I Stole Your Car … Drove...
‘Sorry I Stole Your Car … Drove to Vinnytsia’ Ukraine

Included on the note are screen names to his Cash App ($NoMoBoosting), a Bitcoin address, and his Paypal (

The former thief clarified that, “Boosting = Theft.”

Here’s who that CashApp belongs to, one Ryan Latimer.

Done with stealing, he’s asking for a donation instead.

And here’s the link to his Crypto address, no transactions are recorded.

A minority of commenters applaud this reformed thief for thinking outside of the box and trying for a new stream of income.

“That’s a solid hustle,” @BG_707 comments. “He could have a job and this is all passive income.”

“Well, at least he’s honest,” @_thefoodbrat says.

Most commenters, myself included, are skeptical about this new business enterprise and have an overall negative view of this different form of digital pan handling.

“Word of the day is: JOB,” @Mattchu_Peechu commented

“Flood this man’s Cashapp requests,” @Chocklitsauce suggests.

Like all things on the internet my skepticism radar is pinging, this sounds too good to be true.

Is the reformed car vandal for real or is this Ryan Latimer fellow just playing a joke for the LOLs or for some internet clout?

Regardless, the addresses are real and, joke or not, he can accept donations.

I think he’s appealing to people’s humor and is hoping for some generous benefactor with more money than sense to bless his Cashapp with a fat donation.

If anything, the donation is worth the story and a laugh.

Besides some printer paper and inkjet toner, what else has he got to lose?

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