If you’re going to launch your $75K automatic Audi, your transmission will eventually say, “au revoir.”

An equal parts embarrassing and expensive video clip on TikTok is making the rounds showing an Audi RS5 owner brake torque launching his Audi RS5 ala launch control and, immediately after letting off the brakes, you can hear his transmission cry uncle.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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As the title mentions, it’s important to note that this Audi RS5 does not have a semi-automatic gearbox AKA S Tronic and has a conventional, sport tuned automatic, AKA a slushbox instead.

As AudiWorld.com member SuperSwiss points out,

“Proper launch control requires a semi-automatic transmission such as a dual-clutch transmission, so that the engine can be fully decoupled from the transmission and revved to the desired rpm and then the computer drops the clutch to take off.”

And even with an S tronic transmission, the Audi owners manual specifically warns owners that launch control results in increased wear.

How to use launch control in a 2022 Audi RS5
How to use Launch Control in your Audi RS5

As an aside, here’s how much you can “abuse” a proper semi-automatic. Road and Track famously launched a Porsche 911 Turbo 60+ times without the Porsche breaking a sweat.

While, as our hero in the video demonstrates, you can do a quasi-launch control using the aforementioned brake torque launch, this puts a lot of stress on your torque converter, automatic transmission, and all related drivetrain components.

Not to mention, brake torque launching essentially cooks your ATF fluid.

Done a handful of times in your automatic car’s lifetime and your car may show little to no signs of that added wear.

But, do it enough times, especially when conditions are not in your favor (cold engine and hot ambient temps) and you’ll grenade your transmission.

“I don’t understand why people still do launch controls with audi’s you know it gonna break down,” TikTok user Harun Diren comments.

“Transmission says ciao,” ReallyNoIdea wrly commented.

Take this Audi owners expensive mistake as a cautionary tale, if you rely on your car, don’t brake torque launch it, ever.

If it’s a beater you don’t mind replacing, it’s totally up to you, just have your AAA membership up to date for the eventual call to the nearest tow truck.


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