Your time will probably self-correct, but your date may be forever broken

Earlier in January, Honda and Acura owners reported their date and time on their navigation and clock units were all wrong.

It was later revealed, Honda confirming themselves through a clock repair procedure, that due to a GPS issue (because of short-sighted programming,) if you could not reset your time manually per their repair procedure, your clocks, at least, would self-correct on August 17, 2022.

That day is here (or has already past depending on when you’re reading this) and according to Honda and Acura owners on social media and elsewhere, their clocks are self-correcting to the correct time.

Here are a handful on Twitter and from a Honda Ridgeline owner’s group.

This Honda Ridgeline owner’s clock is now correct but the date might be wrong forever.
Another happy Honda owner.

If your Honda clock has changed but is showing the wrong time, you should be able to go into your clock settings to change the time manually.

The clock will show the correct GPS time but most likely be off by 1 hour because the system’s internal calendar interprets the daylight saving time (DST) change incorrectly,” The clock repair procedure says. “Now, the customer can adjust the time correctly, and it won’t be affected every time the vehicle’s power is cycled off and then on. The correct time will stay on through the next DST change based on the system internal calendar.”

As mentioned, there are several owners, like this Honda owner on Twitter, reporting that their date is stuck in 2002 or 2003, often on January 1. You might be out of luck for as long as you own your Honda/Acura.

In reference to, “Can the date be adjusted to the correct value manually?” the repair procedure states,

“After January 1, 2022, when the system internal calendar is reset to May 19,2022, the date will always be incorrect and stay incorrect. There is no solution to correct it.”

I have come across an advanced level permanent fix for the date and time that requires programming, cutting and soldering so, if you’re comfortable attempting that, this post (linked here) from might be worth your while.

So, if both your date and time is now fixed, count yourself as lucky.

If your date is not correct, you might have to live with that.

As for future Hondas and Acuras moving forward, hopefully this is a painful reminder to their suppliers to future-proof any programming.


  1. My Honda (1959) had this clock fault – being an hour ahead as of January 2022. But when the clocks went forward an hour in Spring my clock didn’t so it was then at the correct time. And today (August 17) my clock has indeed changed – but not in a good way. It is now over 10 hours out. Is this Honda’s idea of self correcting?!

  2. Waited months for a fix and still the wrong date. I am looking for a new car. Guess which make I will not be buying again. Honda! They already reprogrammed my hybrid to make it less fuel efficient than a non hybrid car. There service people ruined tire pressure sensors when getting new tires put on, and now they can’t even correct the dat eland time and feel we consumers should just suck it up.this consumer won’t. Goodbye Honda.

  3. Surely you are smart enough to correct the date! My clock did not automatically reset but I got it set today. I want the date corrected also and I am sure you can come up with a fix for that as well. Never say we will just have to live with it; that is not acceptable!

  4. Today is Thursday August 18, 2022. I was just able to manually reset my clock on the navigation display to the correct time. I had not tried since about February 2022, because I read online that things would correct themselves in August 2022, and here we are nothing updated automatically. My manual fix remained that way after driving around, and even shutting the car on and off a few times. The date still reads January 3, 2003, but this is a step in the right direction. I have a 2010 CR-V EXL It is easy to do. Just press the ‘Setup’ button to the right of the display screen. Tap the ‘Clock’ button, then use the +/- buttons. There is then a choice of either ‘Done’ or ‘Reset’ and I pressed ‘Reset’. Success. I will keep waiting for information on the fix for the ‘Date’ as there are no manual settings that I can find.

  5. Junk! I have two Honda’s and they both have the clock issue. Haven’t reverted as of 08-19-2022. If Honda can’t get a simple clock function to work, then it makes me wonder what other more important functions are compromised.

  6. Fortunately I don’t have a date. My clock was off from 45 to 75 minutes off. I didn’t use it for a week, but on Aug 19 the clock was exactly 1 hour slow, but could be adjusted. It has been fine since.

    I have not written this comment before,

  7. Live with it??? Are you kidding me!!! Decrease the value of my truck?!!!
    This should be a Honda recall to be replaced.
    Their incompetence their fix!!!

  8. Unfortunately we bought a new Honda Pilot and new Honda Ridgeline in 2010. We have driven Hondas since our first new Honda Accord in 1990. We have had good service from all of them and been completely satisfied until now. I am very disappointed that Honda would say we just have to live with the clock issue. Someone should be able to come up with a fix for both the date and time to be correct. I certainly think a recall should be done and this problem solved for the owners. My vehicles have less than 100000 miles and would like to keep them. Like some others I feel that if they can’t find a fix for the clock and time problem I don’t think I will trust them enough to buy another Honda.

  9. I have a 2006 top of the line Accord. The car is in perfect condition, with less than 50k miles on it. I am very disappointed that the computer system and clock are now compromised. Honda could very easily fix this problem with either a firmware update or a hardware update. Unless Honda is alleging that all of their new cars also have inoperable calendars and clocks, they are capable of fixing this issue. This should be an embarrassment to Honda of Japan and they should make it right with their customers.

  10. My clock self adjusted though off by and hour. That is an easy adjustment however the date issue IS an issue. While the date is progressing and not resetting back to the same date every time you start the truck, it does think it is January. Today is August 27th and my truck thinks it is January 10th – tomorrow will be January 11th….. Not cool Honda! I am not saying I won’t purchase another Honda but this will be a topic on conversation with the sales guy. Just do a recall and replace them.

  11. Hondas and Toyotas are chosen for their reliability. Owners subsequently keep and maintain these vehicles for many years, if not decades. The lesson I take away is not to buy top end model Hondas or pricey Acuras. Also, don’t purchase any of their “luxury” options. The quality control for their expensive top of the line products is lacking at best.

  12. I’m a 2014 Honda Ridgeline Special Edition owner. And like so many other Honda owners, I too can’t believe that Honda is telling their loyal customers that there is no fix for this date issue. Yes, my clock is finally showing the correct time, but the Month, Day, and Year are still wrong. What’s more, I was told there is another issue with my Ridgeline which has generated a “Recall Notice “. Once again, they have no fix for that either. I am so done with Honda Vehicles. I’ll be buying a new Toyota in 2024, or whenever the auto makers get their computer chip issues resolved.

  13. We too have had the time issue on our 2011 Pilot Touring. The clock has reset but is one hour behind. The manual adjustments Honda claims can be done do not work. The reset does not take and changing the DST options are locked as well.

    You can say this is the straw that broke the camels back.

    Our paint started peeling about four years ago. Like most Hondas. And of course Honda would do nothing about it.

    We are done. We will never buy another Honda. And will do everything we can to turn people away for Honda as well.

  14. I’ll never buy a Honda again. Very disappointed that they think I should just settle for their inability to fix it. This is disgusting!!

  15. I have a $35K 2007 Honda CRV. Their engineers should come up with a fix for these little annoyances or give us a patch to turn off the date and clock.

  16. I was able to fix the DATE issue – accidently.
    I have an ‘09 CRV that had the date-time issues. My nav system maps hadn’t been updated in several years. I decided to update them and purchased the latest (and last for my ‘09) map version – 2021. When the CD updated the software the date was corrected.
    Now date and time both work.

  17. Well I haven’t read all the comments above, so someone else may have already figured this out. Honda has said we are stuck with the Calendar issues, but my Calendar was fixed when I ordered an update for my navigation system. Honda could have told everyone that an update to your navigation system would fix it, but if they did, then they would have to pay for it. I had no idea that an update would fix it, but I had not updated mine since 2015. The latest update they have for my van is 2021. When I installed it, my Calendar was fixed the next day. Why wouldn’t they tell you that an update would fix it? Because if they did we would all demand that they pay for it. After all the glitch was their fault. .

  18. I have the same issue in my Honda Ridgeline SE 2014-the date is incorrect and and no way to manually adjust it. As Barbara Day above mentioned, I did purchase the latest DVD map update to the navigation system-2021 being the last available, but unfortunately it has not corrected the Calendar issue. Will try to reboot system on the off chance it works.
    If this was a universal fix, one would think that the cheapest way to address the issue would be for Honda to send out DVD updates to all. Better than a class-action lawsuit or loss of customer loyalty that this issue represents.


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