The frustrating part is these photos show a clearly unperturbed thief.

Sacramento resident Doug DeMaschen was minding his own business at a Walmart Parking lot at the Delta Shores shopping center in Sacramento this past weekend when he noticed a woman, in broad daylight, attempting to saw off a catalytic converter from under an SUV. Armed with his smartphone, he confronted the thief, shouted at her to stop, and snapped photos of her in action for the victim.

Check out the photos DeMaschen shared with Marabella Thor, the would-be victim below.

“My car was also only about 5 or 6 parking spots away from the entrance and these bums still had the audacity to attempt stealing my car,” Thor says in her caption. “Thankfully they weren’t able to completely cut my cat due to a good Samaritan yelling at them and scaring them off just in time.”

As the photo shows, Thor’s car was chosen as an easy target as the vehicle’s ride height meant the catalytic converter requires no vehicle jacking to reach.

With no protective gloves or eye-gear, DeMaschen captured the cat thief “hard at work” trying her best to saw through exhaust piping to extract the valuable converter.

After she realizes the gig’s up, she crawls from under the SUV, jumps into a gray metallic late-model Dodge Charger (license plate # 8CIN114) and drives off.

It’s worth noting I couldn’t find records of that plate in BAR’s database so, there’s a possibility that plate is a fake.

As Thor states, confirmed by CBS News’s own report on the matter, she’s passed off all relevant information, including the photos, to local Sacramento police who are presumably investigating the situation.

Since Thor’s shared Demaschen’s photos on her personal profile, the post’s gone viral with over 1,400+ comments and 4,900+ shares.

Because the internet stays undefeated and because this thief has identifying tattoos all over her body, like “Forever Blessed” where her eyebrows normally would be, one commenter eventually ID’d the thief (comment linked here.) I’m sure Sacramento P.D. is aware of this comment now, too.

Local 209 digital artist @SaucySelma.Art even made this quick digital art piece out of DeMaschen’s photos.

With so much damning evidence and the internet essentially doing what police normally would do, it’s only a matter of time before this lady perp is brought in and charged accordingly.

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