Viewers are pointing out he could’ve done this instead, but I guess that’s not really the point.

A bit of staged, albeit impressive video of driving skill is making its rounds showing a driver in an MPV somewhere in Southwest China making a totally unnecessary 24-point U-turn on this narrow mountain road.

Check out the video for yourself below.

The video shows a driver, in what I later ID’d as a late model Baojun 360 six-seater MPV, tasked with turning around his vehicle on what should be a steep, one lane road.

As mentioned, this is staged and, instead of doing this one thing (which I’ll get to later) he decides to show off his, as the channel name hints at, driving skill.

All in all this driver made a 24-point U-turn.

It’s only obligatory that I post this Austin Powers gif.

While at first watch this might seem impressive and, on some level it is, it’s really just demonstrating basic driving skills everyone should know.

Here you can see the driver is not just backing up blindly, he’s using his mirrors to see exactly where his wheels are placed.

Using his mirrors like he should.

In addition, we can assume if we actually heard the original audio we’d hear the spotter (AKA the guy filming) shouting directions at him, telling him how close he is to the road’s edge.

The spotter’s car.

It’s also worth pointing out the Baojun 360 is front-wheel drive which means the majority of the weight is on the front, anyway.

In other words, while it might look super dangerous, the back end of that MPV hanging off the end, it’s really not.

The weather’s also dry as a bone so there’s plenty of grip too.

Extremely dangerous driving? Hardly.

As hinted at, the commenters hilariously pointed out he could’ve just reversed in a straight line like a normal person.

This Baojun 360 even has a reversing camera.

He could’ve just reversed.

Of course, this is all for YouTube and that YouTube money so, they’re going to make a U-turn in the most complicated way ever.


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