Dropping thousands of dollars on a streamer you’ve never met is not unheard of.

A tweet from Twitch streamer @Viperous is getting a lot of attention because, according to the self-proclaimed full-time streamer, one of her fans generously gifted her an entire Tesla Model 3.

Did someone really?

Let’s find out.

First, here’s her now viral tweet below (the tweet my warn you that photos are NSFW but I assure you they’re not.)

If you’re too scared to unveil the photos, the tweet shows a pair of pics.

On the left is Viperous, holding her Tesla key card in front of a Tesla Model 3 viewed from a side profile.

The picture on the right shows Viperous stopped in traffic, holding the Model 3’s steering wheel in her left hand.

With a starting MSRP of around $46,000, a Tesla Model 3 as a gift is unbelievable!

Well, it’s unbelievable because it literally is.

Fellas, if you didn’t already figure it out, she’s trolling us.

Don’t believe me?

Viperous herself pointed out two of her other viral tweets where she more or less tweets the exact same thing with different products.

Here are screenshots of the tweets below.

We stan a trolling queen.

Viperous started out small with a PS5 and some graphic cards (OK, believable,) then, anteed it up to a whole hot tub (bordering on outrageous but still…believable) before really going for the bamboozle tweet of 2022, saying someone gave her a whole Tesla.

Combined, those three tweets alone pulled 10,000+ retweets, 150,000+ likes, and thousands of comments.

It’s a simple and effective formula that drives engagement, funneling twitter users to her Twitch channel.

And we fall for it every time because how could we not?

It’s so effective that she’s cornered the search engine market if you google “Simp buys streamer.”

What pops up if you search “Simp buys streamer…”

So, just to make clear, no, no one bought Viperous a Tesla, she probably financed the one in her tweet herself.


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