“One of the cars is as bad as scrap iron,” one report said about the EK9

A brutal 5-car collision stole headlines in Hong Kong earlier this weekend because, as photos and videos show, one of the car’s involved was an iconic Honda Civic Type R in Championship White, the EK9 literally reduced to half its sized after being sandwiched between two vehicles.

News reports about this unfortunate accident come from Yahoo News (linked here) and HK101 (linked here and here.)

According to those aforementioned reports the multi-car crashed happened on Lung Cheung Rd in Hong Kong, Kowloon (street view of the scene of the crash on Google Maps linked here.)

As the videos and photos show, the Honda Civic Type R driver came to a stop underneath the pedestrian crossing in front of the recording van.

We can see a semitruck approaching this queue of cars in the background, not slowing fast enough to, at least, avoid hitting the stopped cars.

Physics takes over, the semi-truck smashing into the back of the Civic Type R subsequently causing the EK9 to crash into the car in front of it.

The EK9 was effectively sandwiched.

The above linked reports mention six people sent to the hospital, truck driver included, for various injuries.

Thankfully, it seems everyone, including that EK9 driver, made it out alive, no deaths reported.

As HK101 points out, the accident would’ve made a turn for the worse had there been passengers in the back of the Civic Type R.

Here’s how bad the EK9 fared, the rear hatch and passenger compartment is completely crunched in.

“Mr. Tan (the owner of the Civic Type R) only suffered bruises on his hands and feet,” the report from HK101 mentions.

Apparently, Mr. Tan paid about 200,000 Yuan ($29,000) for his EK9 and had only been driving it for a year at that point.

As to what caused the driver of that semi-truck to drive aimlessly into the back of those cars has yet to be determined.

HK Police are still actively investigating the situation.


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