With his precise aim I’m not surprised if he shows up for Seahawks tryouts.

Remember that fearless Seattle resident earlier this year that stopped not one, not two, but three instances where thieves tried to nab his motorcycle and, despite wearing just his chonies, he ran out and stopped them everytime?

His name is Gerard Thai, he’s back, but this time he’s taking aim from two stories up.

A Ring video of a would-be car prowler he successfully thwarted by throwing beer bottles at them that happened back in June is, once again, making the rounds on social media.

Check out the original video from his Ring camera titled, “Tried breaking into my neighbor’s Miata at 5AM” he uploaded on his Youtube below.

Although you can’t see a Miata from this angle, in one of his earlier viral videos when thieves try to lift a motorcycle bolted down to the ground, you can make out the Miata (red) in question.

If you’ve lived in a small, tight knit community like this Seattle apartment complex, even for a couple of days, you’ll know what cars regularly drive through at what hours.

Presumably, either this Honda Civic’s been spotted by Thai scoping out his neighbor’s Miata before or footage prior to his bottle throwing shows the Civic driver being really obvious with his intentions.

Armed with soda bottles, Thai makes sure this car prowler knows he’s not welcome.

“I was lazy this particular morning, Thai says in the video’s caption. “From my balcony where the cam is mounted, the only weapon I had was glass bottles of soda. I’d have to say that for 5 am, my aim was spot on!”

When a Youtuber commenter asked what exactly he was throwing, Thai replied, “I was throwing full bottles of IZZE soda, it’s all I had.”

Thai hits the roof of the Civic hatch with an empty bottle before shouting, “You want to try hitting the (???) again? Dude, that’s not your car!”

Thai hits the car prowler’s roof again and, from at least twenty feet away and two stories up, nails the Civic’s rear window with a third bottle with sniper-like aim.

“I have decided to fill these glass bottles with sand and use them instead, Thai replies to a suggestion to use paint-filled water balloons. “The problem with anything else, like if it’s paint, I have to clean it up. If it’s a rock or a brick, they have something to throw back. Sand filled glass bottles means I have to clean up some glass. no problemo!”

While other news outlets reporting on Thai’s heroic acts remind readers to not take the law into their own hands, there’s something to be said about taking a more cautious, measured approach with your retaliation.

We can all take a page from Thai, sure, by all means, call police ASAP but, if you’ve got some empty soda bottles and maybe some sand lying around, well…I can let you finish that thought.


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