You’ll never guess who the actual owner of her wedding Integra is.

Over the weekend Actress Jordana Brewster, 42, got hitched to Mason Morfit, 44, in a ceremony in Redondo Beach California.

While that, in and of itself is noteworthy, Brewster was in for a surprise when she saw her getaway car aka her wedding car (or cars to be exact.)

Parked, presumably, in front of the church where they said “I do” was a blue Acura Integra sedan with JDM front just like the one she drove in the first Fast and Furious, a Red RX-7 ala Dom Toretto, and a black NSX styled like the one Brewster drove at the end of the fourth F&F.

Mia’s Integra was especially poignant as there was a tinted photo on the driver’s side showing Mia, played by Brewster, next to Brian O’Conner, played by the late Paul Walker, riding shotgun.

Check out photos of their “getaway” below.

Brewster fans and fans of the F&F franchise naturally wondered whose Integra did Brewster ride off in?

Was it the actual Integra from the movie?

Does Brewster own a replica of her Mia’s Integra?

Craig Lieberman, technical advisor and lead behind the cars featured in the first F&F movies, was actually the mastermind behind this whole “sourcing a Mia Torreto Integra for her wedding” plan and explained on Instagram how he made it happen and who actually owns Brewster’s wedding cars.

“I reached to @fitrich76 who was days away from completing his replica, Lieberman comments” “The hero car was destroyed in a car accident a month after filming.”

So that clear’s it up, Brewster does not own this blue Integra, the original Mia Integra was destroyed sometime in the mid-2000s shortly after the first Fast & Furious movie, and this Mia Integra replica is actually owned by @fitrich76.

Who is @FitRich76?

Click on the Instagram handle above and you’ll find out it’s one Richard Avalos aka the most famous (at least on Instagram) Dominic Torretto impersonator.

You know that Vin Diesel look-alike you’ll come across on social media and have to take a closer look?

That’s the guy and it’s his Integra.

Apparently, as Lieberman says, luck was on Avalos’s side as he completed his Mia Integra replica within days of her actual wedding.

As you’ll see in the video Avalos shared apparently Brewster also signed his dash, too.

What an honor that Avalos, in no small way, was part of Brewster’s wedding in such a fashion.


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