Rumor is the alleged drunk driver is a person of local influence, hence, why police don’t dare lay a finger on her.

A bizarre and disturbing video surfaced on the /r/ChongLangGooseGroup subreddit earlier this week showing Chinese police doing absolutely the bare minimum to help a hit-and-run victim still hanging on by a literal thread to an alleged drunk driver’s BMW.

Instead, the Chinese police put on a display by shouting, pointing with a lighted traffic wand, and handling the accused hit-and-run driver with kid gloves while the victim lays, literally bleeding and breathing, inches away.

I’m not going to post the video below but given the keywords, “Hunan, China”, “Hit-and-run,” and “Xiao,” well, you can take it from there.

According to Global Times, police identified the 28-year-old female driver as Xiao (last name.) Police determined that Xiao hit a 36-year-old victim they’ve identified as Xie earlier Friday (Sept 2, 2022) around midnight while she was on an electric bike.

In the ensuing accident, Xie’s clothing got entangled in the front hood of Xiao’s BMW.

Instead of stopping to assess the situation and provide aid, Xiao drove for another kilometer, literally dragging Xie.

The video shows more than a dozen police with a crime scene perimeter around Xiao’s BMW with Xie, in plain view, attached to her car still breathing.

What are y’all doing? Help. Her.

We can see police angrily yelling at Xiao, presumably asking her if she realizes what she’s done.

Fellas, the victim is still there.

Police eventually drag Xiao out of the passenger side of her BMW and point to Xie, again, still laying on the ground, to make her realize the magnitude of her mistake.

In the video she looks more bothered than concerned.

What’s confusing, as mentioned, is how police are doing absolutely nothing to help the victim clearly in need of IMMEDIATE help.

As an aside, in any other country, medical aid would be administered to the victim and alleged suspect ASAP.

A field sobriety test was administered, and Xiao supposedly blew a 0.13.

According to Redditors this video ultimately made its way to Weibo (Chinese Twitter) where, after intense sharing and discussion, the topic, videos and all, were banned by Weibo maangement.

“Weibo(Chinese twitter) banned this topic like crazy, /u/MoonShineWalks comments. “I heard this driver is very resourceful, see even these police in the video dare not to touch her but only barking like dog.”

“The funniest part is these police even call 110(911 in us) to ask another group of police to intervene, not even a one person call 120(ambulance). The poor woman on the ground I heard is a food delivery girl or an old lady who’s a sanitation worker, I hope her family will not to be silenced because of this, and hope her children do not cry and husband do not sad, hope they can go through this.”

“Very resourceful,” I assume means Xiao is either known to be wealthy, has some kind of local political influence, or has family (the daughter of) someone very influential.

“Xiao has been detained for the charge of suspected crime of causing traffic casualties while Xie is in stable condition after receiving medical treatment at hospital,” Global Times goes on to report.

It’s altogether a sad, disturbing, and unfortunate accident that, I hope, sees the victim not only fully recover (if we take the police report as actually true) but see some sort of justice doled out to Xiao for her actions and the damage she caused.

Reading the comments from people in the know, familiar with how local justice is doled out, I fear Xiao may just get the proverbial, “slap on the wrist,” her forceful detainment and arrest more for show than anything else.


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