At one point the Karen decides to reverse towards the victim.

Omaha resident Emiliano Lopez took to Facebook yesterday (Sept 11,2022) to share witness video of an extreme case of road rage he suffered in Bellevue, NB at the hand of a so-called Karen who was hell bent to exact her revenge.

Check out the disturbing footage for yourself below.

The incident starts out at the intersection of 36th St. and Twin Creek Dr. in Bellevue (link to Google Maps location here.)

The Karen is driving a 2012-2016 Subaru Forester in white. She may be rocking temporary plates as it’s hard to make out any numbers or letters.

Lopez and his passenger are in a Nissan NV200 work van.

Lopez does not caption or comment what sparked the road rage to occur.

Redditors on the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, where the video went arguably even more viral, speculate it may have been over a turn lane.

“I know this intersection,” /u/xratedraty comments. “Looks like she tried to cut into the turn lane, maybe in front of the guys. There’s a road that comes in from the right that has a stop sign, but these guys wouldn’t have had a stop sign on their side. Not saying that they were totally innocent, but kinda looks like she was being pushy.”

We can see Lopez’s passenger start to film presumably after this Karen threw an open bottle at them with liquid still inside.

We can make out the contents of the bottle all over the passenger dash area.

The Karen cuts in front of them, jumps out of her Forester, bangs on their hood twice, and bends their wiper arm in an attempt to break it.

“Bruh,” Lopez says. “We’re going to follow her.”

Lopez continues to follow the Karen down 36th St.

At 36th and Cornhusker Rd. she starts to reverse into Lopez to intimidate him but stops short.

The Karen tries to reverse into them.

Lopez attempts to evade her by going straight as she turns left but she doubles back, cuts in front of them, and continues down 36th St.

This Karen doubles back in order to follow them from up front.

The Karen tries to reverse into them for a second time but Lopez drives onto the side of the road to evade her reversing Subaru.

Karen tries reversing into them…again!

The Karen then pulls off to the side of the road to wait for them to pass.

The Karen is seen waiting for them to pass.

Lopez, instead, decides enough is enough, turns left, and ends the game of cat and mouse.

Byyyye,” Lopez’s passenger screams at her thrown his open window.

Lopez captions his video with a call to action telling viewers to, “Subscribe to my YouTube.”

Lopez’s channel dubbed, “El Manifest” looks to be a prank-type channel with 61 videos uploaded thus far.

Lopez has less than 700 total subscribers.

According to SocialBlade, since Lopez’s viral road rage video, he’s gained 44 new followers.

It should be noted that one of the first pieces of advice given to drivers about road rage is to absolutely not follow the road rager.

“Absolutely don’t engage,” says a Sarpy County Sherriff. “Because you don’t know what that other person’s doing, you don’t know what they’ve got going on.”

Lopez’s viral road rage video comes on the heels of multiple road rage incidents reported across the United States, an Oakland road rage incident, of note earlier last week, involving a driver opening fire at another driver just because he honked at him.

“….call 911 and report the car’s license plate but do not follow the other vehicle or engage in any way,” says an Chief of Police in Ohio.


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