If you make a living around supercars, it might behoove you to know who their founders look like.

Youtuber Daniel MacDonald, who goes by ItsDanielMac, attended Monterey Car Week earlier last month and filmed himself walking up to Horacio Pagani sitting in one of his Huayra BC Roadster’s, and straight up asked him what he does for a living. 

Pagani, as his name hints at, is literally the founder of Pagani Automobili S.p.A., not one of the founder’s sons, not tangentially related, not “just happens to have the same last name of the company,” Horacio Pagani is literally the creator of one of Italy’s most famous auto-makers. 

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Check out Mac’s video below. 

“Your car’s incredible,” Mac says to a confused-looking Horacio Pagani with one of his friend’s sitting shotgun. “What do you do for a living? Just curious.”

“He doesn’t speak English,” his friend responds. “He is Horacio Pagani, himself.”

“What?,” Mac stammers back in surprise. “Thank you so much for creating this beautiful machine.”

If you’re thinking Pagani knows what he said but just doesn’t want to answer or this is staged, as one Youtube commenter points out, “You can hear him asking the guy sitting next to him: “que dice el ….?” (Couldn’t fully understand the last word used to refer to the guy), which basically means: “what does this dude say ?”

The thing is Mac’s made his name all over social media for asking well-to-do looking people sitting in or coming out of their six and seven figure supercars, “What they do for a living?”

It’s his thing. 

It’s even on his banner. 

What the front of Daniel Mac’s Youtube oage looks like.

You’d think he’d know what the founders of the most famous supercar makers of the world look like. 

In all fairness even I, and many other people on the internet, don’t know what the founder of Pagani looks like unlike other car company founders who are more willing to press the flesh. 

Most car guys can point out the founder of Koenigsegg out of a lineup, the bald and friendly faced Swede who looks like he can sub in the World’s Strongest Man contest at a moment’s notice. 

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The founder of Hennessey Performance, John Hennessey is probably as recognizable, often in the headlines for one-upping the OEMs with an even faster version of their own halo cars. 

He’s the guy on the left in the photo below.

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To all the self-proclaimed car experts out there, especially if your publication pays you to go to press events, it would behoove you to take Mac’s little video as a cautionary tale. 

Sear into your brain what Horacio Pagani looks like because if you don’t pull what Mac did, you might miss your chance for a brush with car greatness.


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