“This made the theft of catalytic converters from four marked police vehicles especially ‘ballsy.” says an SFPD source.

According to Mission Local earlier yesterday (Sept 13, 2022,) a San Francisco police officer discovered that cat converter thieves hit several of their squad vehicles parked outside of their Special Operations Bureau building, which happens to be the home of SFPD’s SWAT and Bomb Squad.

You read that correctly, catalytic converter thieves are getting, as one SFPD source describes, ballsy, they’re striking close to SFPD’s special units HQ.

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This all took place in front of their aforementioned building on 17th and DeHaro two days earlier.

Here’s what that looks like on Google Maps, url link found here.

The unmarked building housing SFPD’s SWAT and Bomb Squad.

In the photo below, the Google Maps car captured an inside look into their SWAT and Bomb Squad HQ.

An inside peak into SFPD’s SWAT and Bomb Squad HQ.

Eagle eyes can make out their Bomb Squad truck highlighted in red.

I’ve also highlighted presumably functioning cameras.

Mission Local was able to obtain a statement from SFPD media relations on the unfortunate incident.

“On September 12, 2022 at approximately 1 p.m., a San Francisco Police Officer discovered a marked police truck parked in the area of 16th Street and De Haro Street had its catalytic converter stolen. The officer inspected other police vehicles, and discovered that another marked police truck and two marked police vans also had their catalytic converters stolen.” 

This latest catalytic converter theft comes on the heels of seemingly regularly occurring news stories about this local, state, and nationwide problem.

On the same day these cat converter thieves struck, an SFPD officer investigating a catalytic converter theft near SF’s Ferry Building was injured after the alleged cat converter thieves spotted the officer and fled by car.

“The suspects took off in their car, hitting at least one officer as they tried to get away,” says ABC7’s report.

It’s gotten so bad that, according to KRON 4, neighboring South San Francisco passed an ordinance making it illegal to even have a used catalytic converter.

“…we appreciate having the ability to enforce the law by apprehending people who have used catalytic converters in their possession,” said South San Francisco Police Chief Scott Campbell.

Mission Local’s story goes on to report that, according to one veteran SFPD officer, “They’ll get away with it too,” 

SF Bay Area cat converter thieves are clearly making a statement by targeting SF police themselves.

If police can’t even protect and properly investigate their own instances of cat converter theft, how confident do you think locals feel if and when they get hit?

h/t- Stanley Roberts (@StanleyRoberts on Twitter.)


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