Local pickup preferred, for obvious reasons.

Logging onto Zuckbook and a friend shared an uncommon listing on Marketplace near where he lives, an entire 747 engine cowling for sale in Clearwater, Kansas for just $650.

You can find the listing by clicking here.

Here are screenshots of the ad and a handful of photos just in case it gets sold by the time you read this.

Used, good condition.
A perfect circle.
From the rear, you can almost make out the 747’s composite construction.

“747 engine cowling, the caption says. $650. See pictures for ideas of what to do with it. Husband never got around to making his bar out of it. Time for it to go. Measurements are, Height 5ft, inside diameter, 7ft, outside diameter, approximately 94” pickup south of Clearwater, will help you load.”

Engine cowlings, if you don’t already know, cover the front of the nacelles encasing one of the four jet-engines on a 747, one of the most popular long-range, wide-body airliners.

As it’s the leading edge of the nacelle, it’s smoothly and aerodynamically shaped and is, on its own, aesthetically pleasing to look at.

How this woman’s husband got one of these to turn into a bar, your guess is as good as mine.

Seeing how they live just 15 miles from Wichita, home to one of Boeing’s former commercial plane plants, and that’s probably where he got it from, surplus 747 parts.

As the wife mentions, one of the most popular things to do with these cowlings is to slice it in half to turn into a walk-up bar.

And, as these search results and the Pinterest pin below show, furniture made from spare airplane parts is both eco-friendly and kind of cool looking.

Personally, I’d mount it outside semi-permanently and keep it mostly as-is, making it some kind of outdoor nap pod or dedicated meditation space, seems like your thoughts and feelings might resonate better in something metallic and circular.

Of course, if you have a 747 of your own and need an engine cowling, $650 is a bargain.

Dedicated third-party resellers, like this one linked here based in LA, Calif, charge big bucks for something similar, nearly $3,000 for pretty much the same thing (that’s before shipping.)

As mentioned, local pickup is preferred as, at nearly eight feet tall and, according to the aforementioned reseller, over 400 pounds, it’s not something they can just ship.

If your curious, the cowling might fit U-Haul’s largest 26′ truck.

So, if you’re looking for a 747 cowling and live in and around Clearwater, best DM these fine folk ASAP.


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