Who knew that Formula 1 tech would inadvertently make the perfect resting place for cats?

A pair of orange tabby kittens, one in particular, stole the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world after one of them jumped onto the hood of a Ferrari F8 Tributo and nestled comfortably into the S-Duct vent molded into the one-piece carbon fiber hood.

Timothy Davis, who goes by Timothy Dat StickerGuy on Facebook, saw the orange tabby kittens playing around the aforementioned six-figure Ferrari, took several photos of the relaxed cats, and posted his impromptu photo shoot on Facebook.

Since then, his photo shoot’s gone viral, shared more than 65,000 times garnering hundreds of comments.

Check out this adorable Purrari photo shoot below.

Davis included this photo in the replies, arguably the best one of them all.

While there are two cats, the vent of that F8 Tributo is only large enough for one.

The cat seems totally relaxed, fascinated by Davis’s smartphone, taking several opportunities to strike different poses.

If you’re wondering why there’s even a hood vent up front despite the F8 being mid-engine, there’s a very good reason for its placement.

As Ferrari’s press release explains, the hood vent up front is part of what’s called an S-Duct, a series of vents and tubes which redirects air that normally would flow underneath a car and channels it towards cooling and down force.

S-Ducts are meant for cats.

The S-Duct first appeared in Formula 1 around 2019 and has trickled down into road car aerodynamics.

While a tricky bit of aero, it just happens to be the perfect fit for one small to medium-sized cat.

Facebook commenters, of course, where quite enamored with the tawny cat.

“He’s a natural!! You could make a calendar of him posing,” Susan Hutchinson Greene commented.

“She’s from the Jaguar marketing team trying to get you to change your mind,” Jose Wolfman Guillen wittily replied.

Something tells me if that F8 parks there regularly, the owner, upon finding out about his now famous supercar, will apply some sort of ceramic coating or animal repellant in or around that vent.

Hopefully he’s one of the more laidback supercar owners and won’t go absolutely nuts as that cat’s tiny paws surely have left micro-scratches all over that Formula Red paint’s clear coat.


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