“God bless you, too!” the 10-year-old boy replied

Instagram user @DroneKingB*etchh (who we’ll refer to as DK) was driving through Oakland when he spotted a tiny-looking man behind the wheel of a GMC Sonoma truck. Upon pulling up to the truck, he discovered it wasn’t a man driving but a 10-year-old boy.

Instead of snitching on the young blood, instead, DK whipped out his phone and started filming.

Check out his video and a transcript of what he said below.

“How old is you?” he asks.

“10,” the boy replies back.

“10 years old. We is in Oakland, California. Do your thang young homie.”

“Got your license?”


“Not yet?”


“You know what you’re doing, hu?”


“Alright. Be safe. God bless you.”

“God bless you,” he replies back.

It’s not clear where he’s headed but, as many have guessed in the comments, he’s probably on his way to McDonalds for chicken nuggets.

As to why he’s driving, it’s probably because he was able to find the keys and, in his 10-year-old brain, why not?

On private property, kids tall enough to reach the gas pedal can technically drive, no laws broken.

But, on public roads and in California you must be at least 15 and a half to drive with a permit and 16 and licensed to drive on your own.

Clearly, this kid knows how to start, stop, and steer, but, with no formal training and experience, he’s just plain too young.

“He late for work,” _homerk5 commented.

“Prolly drive better than anyone else on the road,” dropitbackyaze replied.

Dan_Zambrano7 dropped some knowledge to the whole, “Can he even see debate.”

“Most of y’all saying he can’t see. Them seats can feet a 4,9 Latino brother and also fit a 6,3 white man. Them GM trucks build for everybody.”

Taking your parents car around the block when you’re itching for your license is one thing, but hitting the open, public roads, is another thing entirely.

Hopefully his parents catch up to his shenanigans and sleep with their keys on their person or something.

This kid’s a menace!


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