One of the many cars unfortunately damaged by Florida’s flood waters.

@Lambo9286, the owner of a Volcano Yellow McLaren P1 from, by the looks of his other posts, Naples, Florida, shared with his followers that his P1 was not only damaged by flood waters from Hurricane Ian, the force of the flood pushed his P1 out of his garage.

Here’s the unfortunate photo below.

Lambo9286 shared on his Instagram just hours earlier how he was using his P1 to pick up handful of supplies to ride out the impending storm.

Hurricane Ian is, as of this blog post, currently hitting the entire state of Florida with forecasts predicting hurricane winds over five days.

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Naples, a coastal city, like so many other Florida cities, is particularly affected by the inevitable rising flood waters.

Just before Lambo9286 shared those heart wrenching photos of his McLaren pushed out, he shared this Instagram story and video of his P1 already damaged as water entered his garage and home.

An already flooded P1

Fellow car enthusiasts sent their condolences in the comments.

“So sad to see buddy,” @PetFred wrote. “All that matters is you’re safe. This is why we have insurance. Be safe.

“I’m so sorry to see this,” @Tip1181 said. “More importantly, hope that you’re safe & OK.”

“Someone said put in in rice,” @Ianuush lightheartedly commented.

As devastating losing a P1 is, as many commented, at least the owner is, to the best of my knowledge A-OK.

Advice from @Mandabearhugz is worth repeating in light of the situation.

“Floridian Pro Tip,” she comments. “Always park your cars in the airport parking garage. Worth every penny to be protected by other cars and high above the flooding.”

I assume any parking garage or area several feet above the inevitable rising waters is just as good.

As a P1 is no ordinary car, I’m sure his insurance provider will work with Lambo9286, just like any other car insurance policy holder, to bring some sort of compensatory relief his way.


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