Like a scene out of a horror movie, millions of tiny fish slowly flip and flop down this unpaved, dusty road.

A rather disturbing and confusing video is making the rounds showing millions of tiny fish out of their element flopping down this unpaved and dusty road seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

Check out the video for yourself below.

WTF?! from WTF

With trees to the right and left of the fish it looks like the unfortunate result of a river dried up suddenly by extreme drought or something worse.

Upon closer inspection the fish appear to be all the same kind, not to mention they’re all about the same size and shape.

So, what caused this anomaly of nature and what’s the likely outcome?

Redditor /u/EmptyBana5687 has the most logical and likely reason.

To sum up, this looks like a fish hatchery-load of millions of tiny fish for transport to another pond.

The fish-stocking truck accidentally spilled all his fish on the road.

The one taking the video is probably the driver.

If you didn’t already know, stocking ponds with fish is a thing. Small bait fish like minnow are easy prey for larger bait and sportfish populations and are an integral part of a pond’s ecosystem.

Check out the moment this pond owner dumped thousands of fish into his pond.

In the United States, for $12, you can buy between 250-300 fathead minnow for $12, year round.

If a tanker truck can hold between 5,000-6,000 pounds of live fish and assuming that this video shows a tanker truck’s full of fish, some back of the napkin math reveals that, in the United States at least, you’re looking at up to $72,000 worth of fish likely ruined.

Assuming this isn’t in the United States, a fraction of that but, still several thousands in destroyed fish inventory.

As to what’s going to happen next, if this is not in the United States, what can someone do but let nature takes its course and let the local birds, bugs, and small predators feast.

In the United States, leaving thousands of pounds of fish rotting anywhere is probably breaking some environmental law and will require immediate clean-up.

As to the fate of the driver and his tanker truck, it’s not looking good.



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