If you live within driving distance of this city, there’s a good chance you can milk in a bag.

If you’re like me and discovered that Canadians buy and drink milk from bags, naturally, you’re wondering if they sell bagged milk anywhere in the United States.

I have good news, yes, they do sell bagged milk in the United States but you have to live relatively close to this state if you want to try this uniquely Canadian way of drinking your milk.

According to several Redditors and actual purchasers of bagged milk in the United States, you’ll mainly find bagged milk in the mid-western states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and maybe Indiana.

Most bagged milk sold in those states is sold by Kwik Trip and Kwik Star, both popular chains of gas stations and convenience stores, their headquarters in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

“Kwik Trip is in Minnesota as well,” says /u/zeledon567. “They indeed sell bagged milk.”

“Also Iowa,” /u/that-association-143 replied. “But they’re called Kwik Stars there.”

Local Wisconsin dairies that with still bottle their milk the old fashioned way, with plastic bags, have partnered with Kwik Trip as distributors, branding their milk bags as Nature’s Touch.

So, if you live relatively close to La Crosse, WI, you have a good chance to find bagged milk.

Kwik Trip and its partnering dairies aren’t the only source for bagged milk as, according to “The Country Today” there are smaller dairies like Tetzner Dairy that also bag milk, choosing to work with local groceries and food co-ops instead.

So, why bagged milk?

According to dairies, bagged milk is easier to portion out for consumers and uses less packaging compared to traditional plastic jugs.

For consumers, bagged milk is supposedly easier to store in the fridge. Bagged milk drinkers buy cheap, plastic jugs specially made for bagged milk which, after piercing the bag, also has a convenient cut-out nook to squeeze the bag closed.

And, since it’s in a bag, they can be conveniently frozen for future drinking. From what I’ve read, if you do freeze your milk bags you have to remember to stir it up after defrosting.

Compared to regular jugs, bagged milk is only slightly cheaper and more convenient and honestly seems like a regional thing that wouldn’t necessarily incentive dairies that bottle their milk to switch to bagging.

If you live in an area that mainly buys and drinks their milk from bags, the bagged milk market and its continued existence in the United States is because of you.

But, if you’re just like most Americans, drinking their milk out of jugs, I guess it’s worth trying out bagged milk just to say that you’ve done it.

So, if you live near a Kwik Trip or Kwik Star and have never tried milk from a bag, you know where to go.


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