Screenshots of this truck parked have people scratching their heads how he pulled this off.

A truck owner somewhere in Africa is now internet famous for his unique parallel parking technique. Screenshots of his truck parked with what looks like literally no space to reverse or drive forward have people baffled with how he pulled it off.

I randomly came across the video of him extricating his truck out of this open air covered parking spot and you have to see it to believe it.

Check out what looks like a copy of the video on TikTok below. In case the video below is deleted, I’ve got a mirror for you linked here and here.



♬ original sound – Bonginkosi Mafumo

Well, surprise, surprise.

There’s no secret to his technique, he just drives back and forth multiple times, turning his wheel left and right until, as the video shows, he parks it in place ( or reverses out.)

Why the arguably asinine parking technique?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Facebook commenters, where I originally came across this video copy, took an opportunity to throw their witty .02 in.

It took him 45mins and a full tank to take it out!,” Simphiwe Snjica commented.

“The way I don’t have patience, I even fast-forwarded the whole thing after watching for merely three seconds,” Nkule Mnguni added.

If you’re worried about your truck getting nicked, this might be an effective technique to keep the truck thieves at bay or, at the very least, stall them for several minutes as they try to maneuver out.

The simplest explanation is it’s “all for the ‘gram,” or in this case, TikTok.

Regardless, it’s a pretty impressive feat of parking skill and deserves a couple of words from this blog.

And if you’ve made it this far, below are two videos of car owners using every bit of useable space to make a covered parking spot a reality.


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