One look at this Google Maps satellite view and it’s easy to work out what probably happened.

If you need yet another reminder to think twice before taking your car to a quick oil change place, head over to Google Maps, specifically 3550 N High St, Columbus Ohio 43214 to see a trail of oil that looks a lot like a Jiffy Lube employee forgot to tighten a drain plug or oil filter.

Check out the funny satellite image below and, if you want to see the Google Maps shot for yourself, (click here.)

A trail of oil is seen on this Google Maps satellite image from this Jiffy Lube in Columbus, Ohio
A satellite image is worth a thousand words.

According to Nerd Techy, Google Satellite images update every 1-3 years depending on how populated an area is so presumably this happened sometime between 2020-2022.

There’s a chance by the time you see this Jiffy Lube on Google Maps for yourself, the satellite image might be updated.

Here’s how I read this satellite image.

After an oil change service the oil change employee drove out and reversed into a parking space for waiting customers.

Unbeknownst to him, whoever was working in the pit (an underground work space where a quick lube employee will drain oil, change the oil filter, and grease fittings) either forgot to tighten the drain plug fully or double-gasketed the oil filter (where you don’t remove the old oil filter gasket resulting in two gaskets stacked on one another when a new filter is screwed in.)

Double-checking the drain plug and confirming the old oil filter gasket is gone would’ve prevented this from happening but, in the name of speed, I can see this oil change employee getting into the bad habit of skipping that.

If I were to guess this engine ran with low to no oil for less than 30 seconds which might’ve spelled the end for that engine.

Quick lube shops have their place in the car maintenance marketplace and are necessary especially if you don’t have the garage space, the time or know-how to do it yourself.

But, with stories and images like this floating around, it would behoove any oil change center customer to check the oil level yourself, to peek underneath your car for leaks before leaving, and to, if you have the time, re-check how tight your drain plug and oil filter is ASAP.

H/T – Mechanic and Car Memes official


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