If you’re going to spend thousands on a cool looking billboard, why not get it right?

It’s two weeks before the NASCAR cup series heads to Arizona and, to promote the Nov 4-6 Cup Series Championship Race at Phoenix Raceway, NASCAR bought a digital 3D advertisement at the intersection of 3rd. St. and Jefferson next to the Footprint Center.

The only problem is the 3D ad has one glaring mistake.

Take a look at the ad shared on Twitter for yourself to see if you can spot it.

The 3D ad is quite clever, I’ll give them that.

The ad features what looks like the Kyle Larson’s 2021 Cup Car under Team Hendrick’s Motorsports.

The ad shows a real-time look at a NASCAR pit stop with all four tires changed and a splash of fuel added all within 10-seconds.

The pit stop concludes with Larson’s #5 car burning out with the NASCAR Championship Weekend Phoenix logo popping out towards the viewer.

If you haven’t figured it out already Larson’s #5 is showing the old 5-lug setup with the imaginary pit crew taking off and putting on 20 lugnuts.

NASCAR switched to the single lug hub for the 2022 cup series first debuting the Next Gen car with the new and improved hub setup during the Busch Light Clash earlier in February.

NASCAR fans and Twitter users where quick to point out the glaring mistake.

Phoenix Raceway’s Twitter even got into the mix.

With 3D billboard ads costing, according to Penji, up to $15,000 a month, this is an animation mistake that should’ve been caught and fixed before it was displayed.

Sure, NASCAR fans will enjoy the cool looking ad driving in downtown Phoenix but what do you think they’ll remember more, the date of the race or the glaring mistake?


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