Tothero says he was able to complete over 60-plus laps despite the added weight an 800-pound boat shell adds.

Amateur drifter Brandon Tothero went above and beyond when Evergreen Raceway Park announced they were having a Halloween costume-themed drift event. Tothero decided to mount an entire boat shell over his 2001 BMW 330ci (E46) convertible drift car.

And, from the amount of videos and photos hitting all the social medias showing the S.S. Jenny linking the corners, Tothero’s drifting boat was a huge success.

Check out a handful of the more viral videos of Tothero’s boat below.

Tothero told The Drive that he was inspired by other DIY’ers who mounted whole jet ski shells on top of motorcycles, a lot like the one Ultimate Rebuilds made close to a year ago.

The boat Tothero ended up using was a ’69 Johnson Surfer he snagged for free.99.

Tothero mounted and modded the boat body not only to make sure that the boat shell didn’t shift too much under the excessive g-forces drifting adds, but that maintenance, like tire changes, was still possible.

And, thanks to an already solid drift car and increased tire pressures to compensate for the added weight, Tothero was able to get the darn thing to drift.

As the videos show, the S.S. Jenny smoothly transitioned between corners, the tires smoking and squealing as Tothero pushed his Halloween drift-mobile to its absolute limit.

And yes, the Jenny in S.S. Jenny was a nod to Forrest Gump’s on-again-off-again lover, a point he really drove home dressing as Gump before the drift festivities began.

How Tothero or anyone will top the S.S. Jenny next year, it’s a Halloween themed drift event I look forward to following up on.

h/t – The Drive


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