There are only 499 LaFerraris ever made, and he manages to crash one of them going under 5 MPH.

According to a report by Yahoo news (Taiwan,) a minor internet celebrity who goes by “Huazi” in China was filmed driving off in a borrowed LaFerrari which was going to be used in one of his videos.

Huazi immediately misjudged the first corner he took and crashed the estimated $4 million hypercar’s door skirt into the edge of a hard, sharp corner.

Check out a copy of the now viral video thanks to HongKong CarCam on Facebook below.

“I borrowed a friend’s car to pick up girls and I lost a lot, hundreds (of thousands) of dollars. Ten thousand maintenance cost,” the direct translation of the caption reads.

To be fair, the LaFerrari is a new car to Huazi and, like any driver getting familiar with a new-to-them car, they’re not yet aware of the car’s dimensions and how it performs in everyday driving maneuvers.

Regardless, this is a one of 499 limited edition Ferrari worth millions of dollars, it’s not like you’re borrowing someone’s Corolla. Huazi should’ve kept its rarity and cost in mind and acted accordingly, and that means super-vigilant driving.

A LaFerrari sold on Bring A Trailer earlier this year for $5.3 million, with several on DuPont Registry demanding similar amounts.

As this photo shows, I think he realized he should’ve paid more attention a little too late.

The face of a man who just realized he crashed a $4 million LaFerrari.

The article goes on to mention they immediately called the car’s owner, informed him of the damages, and reported that the owner was not stressing too much about it.

“(That’s a) small problem,” the owner reportedly said. “Just fix it.”

The repair will supposedly cost “at least a whole Mercedes” or around $40,000.

A closeup of the damage. Ouch!

Depending on how famous this dude is, that might be just a month or entire year’s worth of his income, although the article reads like his very rich friend will take care of it. I’m sure paying several thousand a year to insure this LaFerrari, and it’s time to cash in on all his premiums.

I don’t see myself getting into a situation where I have to drive a multi-million dollar car but, if I did, I’d be sure to be the most careful I possibly can.

I would not take my time with a car like the LaFerrari as carefree as this borrower did.


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