Mobile towers with this type of capability typically cost between $80,000-$200,000.

Medford, OR-based Crater Lake Motors has one unique vehicle with surveillance capabilities for sale, a 2010 Ford Econoline Terrahawk Mobile Security Tower (E35) with less than 2000 miles for just $19,999.

Their for sale url is linked here, and I’ve created a mirror just in case someone actually buys it (linked here.)

And, here’s a gallery of images including a screen shot of the for sale page embedded below.


The company that converts these E-350 Super Duty’s is Terrahawk LLC which, according to their website, is no longer in business.

In 2019, TerraHawk joined/was absorbed by The Armored Group.

Unlike traditional mobile security towers which must be towed in on a trailer, these Terrahawk vans combine the go anywhere capability of Ford’s Super Duty Van with the convenience of a self-contained lookout perch mounted on a scissor lift-type lift system.

As the video and photos below shows, these portable towers can reach as high as 25-feet (which is almost two stories.)

Just like a scissor lift they’re electric powered, this Terrahawk perch lifted by a convenient lithium-ion battery pack system.

Raising the pod takes a few minutes and, with the outriggers in place, can withstand up to 40 MPH winds.

With a portable A/C unit inside, whoever’s on watch will keep nice and cool despite no shade.

E-350s weigh about 6,400 pounds and, with the added lift and mods, these Terrahawk vans tip the scales at 9,600 pounds.

This particular surveillance van has been driven very little, with, as the odometer in the photos shows, only 1,980 miles.

As these vans were marketed to city police departments, deployed at local events or in emergency situations, they were never meant to be driven long distances anyway.

Plus, with an additional 3,200 pounds and essentially a brick-shaped enclosure on the roof, the already poor MPG (12 city/16 highway) probably blunts the range on these tower vans dramatically.

According to AutoBlog when they blogged about these Terrahawk vans 10 years ago these vans were sold for $150,000-$175,000 brand new (which is pretty much $200,000 in 2022 dollars.)

Googling around today, city’s wanting the capabilities of a mobile surveillance tower (the towed kind) often spend, as mentioned, between $80,000 and, as the City of Escondido, CA did, up to $220,000.

For $19,999, this mobile surveillance tower is a bargain!

If you’re a city on a limited budget and would really benefit from this type of surveillance tower on wheels, you know where to shop.

And, if you’re a regular citizen, nothing’s stopping you from buying this either. You can bring it to racetracks on the infield, you can bring it to concerts and watch for free as you peer over the security fence, or you can park it in your backyard and freak out your neighbors.

What would you do with this mobile surveillance tower van?

Let me know in the comments below.

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