In over 97 minutes worth of vids, T-Pain explains where his Pickle Rick 240 is, exactly why it took so long, and his response to the backlash from George

By now, you’ve heard that T-Pain dropped dozens of TikTok videos explaining the drama he’s had with George from GMG Automotive since Nov of 2021 regarding his Pickle Rich 240 drift car.

I’m going to give you the short, condensed version first, then, I’m posting all the notes I took watching each video if you’d like to read through all the drama for yourself.

T-Pain’s TikTok is linked here.

Short, condensed summary

T-Pain first got into drifting in 2018 and, during a Drift Life event, runs into a George Grob of GMG Automotive Performance based out of Buford, GA.

Grob and T-Pain foster a friendship and agree to go drifting together at Lanier Raceplex.

Grob drives T-Pain’s Pickle Rick 240, damages it, and offers to fix it

Grob then propositions T-Pain that he’s been offered a chance to participate in a drift show on Discovery (Getaway Driver) and, if he lets him drive his Pickle Rick 240 on the show, he’ll fix his car for free.

Grob damages T-Pain’s Pickle Rick 240 pretty bad on the Getaway Driver and is knocked out of the first round.

This is where T-Pain starts his text messaging story with Grob starting from Nov 16, 2021 and spans all the way to Oct 31, 2022.

From Nov 16 2021 to Oct 31, 2022 (349 days or 11 months and 15 days,) Grob essentially strings T-Pain along, never prioritizing T-Pain’s Pickle Rick 240 build, putting his build on the backburner.

Behind T-Pain’s back, Grob is name-dropping T-Pain’s name in order to secure sponsorships and for that all important clout.

There are also at least two side-dramas that take place.

Around August 2022, T-Pain allows George to work on his BMW M3 for an alignment and overheating issue, the latter problem no fault of his own.

George, on top of Pickle Rick 240, strings him along on that fix, too.

Around September T-Pain has a problem with his new Ferrari’s door actuator which T-Pain also allows George to fix. Unbeknownst to T-Pain, shop owners DM him that George’s been driving his Ferrari hard.

On top of that T-Pain also has DM’s from fans telling him they’ve seen his Pickle Rick 240 at local drifting events.

After several months (around the first half of Oct 2022) and only when T-Pain offers George an ultimatum to drop the b.s. and, if funded properly, can he deliver Pickle Rick, does Grob, with the help of a newly hired shop tech, sort out both the Pickle Rick 240 and BMW.

Eventually GMG Automotive delivers both cars back to T-Pain but, as noted, it took almost a WHOLE YEAR and the work they returned was NOT up to par.

Jump to Pickle Rick Part 27 to see the Big Reveal by clicking here.

All in, T-Pain spent over $11,000 for the results he received.

To sum up the summary, George Grob essentially finessed T-Pain and held his Pickle Rick 240 build for hostage for close to a year, and, for all that time and money spent on T-Pain’s cars, returned sub-par work.

It’s simply unacceptable.

T-Pain later popped into a Reddit Thread and had this to say re all this drama.

Below is a summary of each Part of the Pickle Rick drama vid starting off with Part 1.

Pickle Rick video summaries from Part 1-27 including extra videos that followed.

Pickle Rick Part 1.

What happened to Pickle Rick 240? (Will be known from here on out as PR240)

T-Pain explains that PR240 was his first drift car. T-Pain was introduced to the drifting scene when he attended Drift Life 2018 and found out everyone was really nice to him.

“Someone just handed me a steering wheel…everyone was so dope.”

George Grob owner of GMG Automotive, approached T-Pain and offered his drift related services.

“I’m your guy,” T-Pain remembers Grob telling him. “I’m your new drift car guy if you need anything fixed.”

Pickle Rick Part 2.

T-Pain and Grob foster a friendship. Grob calls him and asks if he wants to drift at Lake Lanier. At this point, T-Pain’s built an E-46 from the ground up. They pack up PR240 and the BMW and go drifting. T-Pain takes out the BMW, kills it, but crashes his front end pretty badly.

He would have the PR240 as a back-up car, but George takes out PR240, drives it into the ground, and T-Pain never gets to drift PR240.

“This is where dreams turn into nightmares.”

Grob takes PR240 back to his shop, and it’s a mess, metal shards in the oil pan and water in the oil.

Pickle Rick Part 3

Grob calls him up after a lot of time passes, tells T-Pain that he has an opportunity to be part of a drift show on Discovery (which we later find out is Getaway Driver.) Grob offers to fix PR240 for free in exchange for using PR240 on the show.

T-Pain agrees.

Time passes, T-Pain calls up Grob to ask where his car is, and Grob tells him he lost in the first round and drove the PR240 hard enough that the engine’s toast, requiring a whole new motor.

Pickle Rick Part 4

T-Pain starts out his tell-all with receipts with Grob messaging T-Pain on Nov 16, 2021, Grob’s upset that T-Pain didn’t tell him he recently acquired a new truck and Rolls-Royce.

Grob feels out of the loop.

Grob responds by showing to T-Pain he’s taking a Nissan GT-R, a customer’s car, out for a week of driving and that he’s recently financed a Mercedes E-350.

Months pass till February 2022 and T-Pain STILL hasn’t heard news about PR240.

T-Pain tells Grob he’s bought a new Boss aero kit for his 240.

Grob responds by telling him he’s got to re-do the motor again and claims it was damaged while driving on the TV show.

This does not line up with what T-Pain was led to believe, he thought Grob replaced his engine with a new one when, as I understand, Grob simply re-built it.

Pickle Rick Part 5

T-Pain hits up Grob a month later in March.

Grob tells T-Pain he’s in the middle of fixing his old engine which, T-Pain comes to realize, Grob never even fixed his old engine to begin with.

Grob and T-pain agree to put in a new LS3 engine, which Grob says will take 3-4 weeks.

Grob hilariously asks T-Pain around May if he has any other cars to work on, which T-Pain points out to us that, yes, he wants PR240 completed, period.

Pickle Rick Part 6

T-Pain had plans to bring PR240 to his Wiscansin festival and another drift event in June but, since Grob was taking too long, T-Pain partners with Vaughn Gittin JR’s RTR racing to get a drift Mustang which, by the way, only took a month to build.

Grob starts messaging T-Pain randomly about how his girlfriend Tiff is good at wrapping.

Pickle Rick Part 7

Grob promises T-Pain that PR240, with its new engine, will be done by June 11, just in time for T-Pain’s Wiscansin Fest.

Grob randomly asks T-Pain that he found out Rick Ross is looking for someone to do an LS Swap for him and asks T-Pain if he can recommend GMG Automotive to Ross.

Mind you, Grob hasn’t even finished PR240, why would T-Pain recommend his work to Rick Ross?

Pickle Rick Part 8

Grob tells him he’s partnered T-Pain without his permission with Brian Tooley Racing, an LS Performance company.

About 11 days before Wiscansin Fest, Grob FINALLY starts sending T-Pain update photos on the build, and it looks nowhere close to being done.

Grob messages T-Pain that he’s picked up a new R8.


Pickle Rick Part 9

June 20, T-Pain asks about PR240 and Grob tells him the motor is almost done.

A month later on July 20, T-Pain asks for an update and Grob responds that he’s almost done installing the body kit and warp on top of additional body work.

T-Pain responds that, “Those were some pretty big hits” which, until that point, Grob doesn’t think T-Pain’s seen the damage he did to PR240 on the drift show when, in reality, he did.

Pickle Rick Part 10

T-Pain reacts to the video segment he wasn’t supposed to see. In the video we see Grob driving PR240 hard, getting hit multiple times by a pursuer car and crashing into the side of an embankment.

@tpain #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – T-Pain

Pickle Rick Part 10 1/2

Hert from Hert Life informs T-Pain that he heard Grob is name-dropping T-Pain’s name in order to get sponsorships.

At this point, George Grob is aware that T-Pain knows he crashed PR240 on Getaway Driver and, despite all the drama, asks T-Pain if he’d like to show up to his birthday dinner.


Pickle Rick Part 11

On July 30, T-Pain messages Grob again and Grob tells him a lot of excuses with a list of things he still has to do.

T-Pain asks Grov how long it’s going to take. Grob says it’ll be done in two weeks from July 30th and that he needs to “take his time and do it 100 percent so nothing is rushed or half a**ed.”

Pickle Rick Part 12

On August 14 Grob messages T-Pain that he’s finally got PR240 back from the frame shop.

On August 22 T-Pain asks Grob if he knows anyone who can help him with the alignment on his BMW.

Grob responds that he’s bought his own alignment machine and can do it for him.

Grob tells T-Pain he’s bought two new lifts.

Pickle Rick Part 13

T-Pain takes a step back and acknowledges he’s a dumba** for trusting Grob but, at this point, he has his car.

Grob arranges for T-Pain’s BMW to get aligned and also tells T-Pain that money is low, which is at odds with Grob messaging T-Pain his Audi R8 and two new lifts.

Grob then asks T-Pain for an advance of $2,000 for the new engine (LS3?) they agreed they’d split and T-Pain agrees, telling him to add it to the alignment bill.

Pickle Rick Part 14

On August 24 Grob messages T-Pain that the wrap on his Audi R8 looks amazing.

Grob tells T-Pain that the alignment is more than just missing wheel weights, but it also needed new tie rods on top of the alignment.

On top of all that, Grob tells T-Pain his BMW is overheating and, at one point, the bumper fell off.

Grob asks T-Pain for money, the $2000 for half of what he owes on a new engine and money for the BMW work.

Pickle Rick Part 15

T-Pain messages Grob that he’s returned his BMW worse than when he let Grob take it. The BMW’s bumper is in the passenger seat, and the cooling issue hasn’t even been sorted out yet.

Grob tells T-Pain that he’s $6,700 deep into PR240’s repair and re-build.

T-pain tells his TikTok fans that Grob’s Dad confided to him that George has been using his retirement money on the shop and, “they’re about to go broke.”

Pickle Rick Part 16

On Sept 8, Grob sends T-Pain a couple of update shots of the body work done on PR240.

On Sept 19 Grob messages T-Pain that he’s picking up the BMW to do a head gasket test to check for leaks in the cooling system.

Grob also says he’ll see T-Pain at Petit Le Mans and says he’s, “Glad I could get y’all connected” thinking that he’s responsible for connecting the Petit Le Mans team with T-Pain. Grob has been name-dropping T-Pain’s name to get connections, in this case, with the motorsports race Petit Le Mans.

In reality, the Petit Le Mans team reached out to T-Pain’s people directly when they found out communicating through George was not working.

Pickle Rick Part 17

On Sept 24 Grob updates T-Pain that the engine bay will be done Tuesday and more is finally going in on Wednesday.

T-Pain tells us that he saw George at Petit Le Mans on Oct 1 but, while he himself was able to enjoy his time in the VIP booth, George, since he didn’t actually set up the connection between T-Pain and the Petit Le Mans Team, was left outside, spectating with the non-VIP people.

George invites T-Pain drifting and brings T-Pain’s BMW on a trailer with him that he supposedly fixed.

The BMW was STILL overheating, so it’s safe to say Grob did not fix it.

T-Pain leaves us with a cliffhanger that he’s got a Ferrari, he’s having a problem with the door, and asks George if he can find a Ferrari door actuator for it.

Pickle Rick Part 18

T-Pain knows Grob specializes in Ferraris and other exotics, so a door actuator should, in theory, be no problem.

Just in case, T-Pain scheduled an appointment to let a Ferrari dealership fix it on the 14th, two weeks from now.

On the 10th, T-Pain messages Grob on an update and finds out he hasn’t even looked at it.

Out of the blue, two separate shop owners inform T-Pain that George is effectively hooning his Ferrari behind his back, “George is dogging that car out…he’s making smoke out of the tires…he’s redling it, revving the engine up crazy” the texts read.

Pickle Rick Part 19

Grob messages T-Pain the next day that the BMW will need a $5,000 cooling system, $766 for tires, and $250 for his Ferrari fix which, T-Pain points out, happens to be how much he’s already put into PR240.

Since this BMW cooling system would take multiple days to fix, T-Pain tells Grob to prioritize PR240 first since, as he tells T-Pain, the motor is “going in tomorrow.”

Pickle Rick Part 20

T-Pain then pleads with Grob that he needs to be honest with him when he can get his cars back.

Unbeknownst to Grob, T-Pain’s been trying to set up a business around his drift cars and has been paying for non-refundable promo spots on different platforms.

Without his drift cars completed, he can’t move forward with his drift car-related business propositions.

Grob promises T-Pain he can get PR240 done completely, wrap, engine work, tune, and everything, in two weeks on the 30th.

Pickle Rick Part 21

All this time T-Pain’s been sending some of his other cars, like his RTR Mustang for upgrades and repairs, and they’ve ALL been picked up and returned fixed/upgraded in a reasonable amount of time.

George responds to T-Pain that, “it (PR240) wasn’t a priority, and that’s his bad.”

George hits him back with more excuses out of T-Pain’s control and T-Pain tells him that so many other people want to work on his drift cars all this time but, by his own kindness, hasn’t told anyone what’s really going on, saving George face and his business’s reputation.

Grob then tells T-Pain that he doesn’t have enough capital to pay his employees if he ONLY focused on PR240 which, T-Pain, does acknowledge is admirable.

Regardless, T-Pain turns the mirror around and emphasizes to Grob that if he owed Grob money and Grob saw T-Pain bragging about making money and buying cars, he wouldn’t care what T-Pain’s circumstances were.

Pickle Rick Part 22

T-Pain asks if he sends the money Grob’s asking him, when can he expect his BMW back, and Grob responds by next Friday (the 18th.)

This text conversation started on Oct. 12.

Grob says he’s got a new guy named Brian Smith who’s helping out Grob a lot, including working on T-Pain’s BMW.

T-Pain then lays down a super impressive deal that he’ll not only pay everything Grob’s itemized as repairs and upgrades for both cars, he’ll also pay the shop’s payroll for the next month IF George priorities his BMW and PR240 above all of his other client cars.

Pickle Rick Part 23

In the middle of all this heated back and forth, Grob sends him a picture of a BMW he’s working on which, at this point, irritates T-Pain even more.

Grob finally comes back with a final price to fix BOTH cars completely, nearly $11K, and says he’ll knock out his BMW by next weekend (Oct 21-23) and PR240 by the 30th.

T-Pain asks Grob to confirm what he just texted, and Grob says yes.

On Oct 14, Grob texts T-Pain a photo of the engine in the car, work done by Smith.

Pickle Rick Part 24

On Oct. 18 Grob tells T-Pain the engine’s in and starts.

George then asks T-Pain for $500 for an engine harness which, T-Pain clarifies, he’s already sent him the $11,000 as agreed upon from the previous texts.

“He still wants me to Cashapp him. Come on dude!”

On the 24th, Grob asks T-Pain if he can unveil his PR240 on Sunday Oct. 30 for his personal Youtube channel, which T-Pain takes offense keeping in mind he’s strung him along all this time and wants to call the shots when and where they unveil it.

Grob then informs T-Pain he’s leaving for SEMA (Nov 1-4) on Monday (the 31st) with both of T-Pain’s cars STILL not completed.

Pickle Rick Part 25

George sends these update photos on the 29th, one day before the agreed due date.

T-Pain lashes back out on George saying he’s dropping deals because he doesn’t have his drift cars.

T-Pain pleads with George not to go to SEMA if his cars aren’t done and surprise, George goes anyway.

Grob misses the 30th deadline so, per the agreement, the next month’s payroll is OFF the table.

Tiffany also hits up T-Pain, sending him a link asking him to order wrap for his car.


Pickle Rick Part 26

Tiffany messages back and forth with T-Pain re the wrap job and confides to T-Pain that her part of the job would’ve been done WEEKS ago if the car was not on the lift.

She apologizes to T-Pain on George’s behalf.

Tiff wraps up her wrap job (pun intended) on the 31st and the cars are delivered that same day.

When his cars arrive, T-Pain is disappointed.

“The night of the 31st happens, Smith and all them show up with both my cars. They look super disappointed. They get out the car, and they look like….”We just want to pre-apologize for what you’re about to see.””

Pickle Rick Part 27 – the big reveal.

T-Pain FINALLY shows us his “completed” Pickle Rick 240 and it’s bad.


Pickle Rick part 27 BIG REVEAL!! The silence should speak volumes

♬ Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like) [feat. Tobymac] – Grits

The wrap job is just awful, the damage from the crash was not fixed properly, and the interior is worse off than before (glove box not installed, seat not bolted down.)

The screenshots speak for themselves.

Pickle Rick Final Thoughts

T-Pain acknowledges that drift cars will get damaged and aren’t supposed to be 100 percent like a show car, BUT if you give someone $11K, you expect it to look and perform better than before.

T-Pain was going to let bygones be bygones and not let all this drama leak but, as mentioned, when he heard Hert Life tell him George was trying to name-drop his name to get sponsorships, he knew he had to tell his side so when he shows up with his drift cars to drift events, he doesn’t want to be seen as the a**hole.

T-Pain knows George is going to get backlash over this, and he’ll fire back that this is typical celebrity type of behavior from some rich dude who just wants to drift.

“All I give a ** about is that everybody knows, when this comes out, that I did everything I could. I was nice a.f. I gave him so many g.d. chances. I was so f*** nice, I did everything I could.”

T-Pain shows off his new truck and trailer sourced on his own, no help from George, and emphasizes that he’ll be sporting a new wrap when you see him at the track.

The Pickle Rick Saga continues.

T-Pain tells us that George dropped an apology video explaining how he has to save his shop blablabla.

T-Pain gets a text from one of George’s friend’s with a screenshot from a text conversation with George.

George calls him a b****.


George drops some Instagram stories, comments, and DMs confirming the shady shenanigans George has been doing behind T-Pain’s back.

My Apologies

T-Pain shares a comment from GMG Automotive Performance accusing T-Pain of being a scam artist.

T-Pain shares some DM’s from other people corroborating just how bad George is.

Smith tells T-Pain that he quit.

Tiff makes a public post calling out T-Pain, telling her side of the story but gets petty and posts T-Pain’s phone number.

Not legal!


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