At this pace, this Transit will surpass 1 million miles sometime next year.

Scrolling through my newest favorite Facebook group, Mileage Impossible, and Illinois resident and group member Illir Gazafer posted up a photo of an instrument cluster from a 2015 Ford Transit with what might be the highest mileage Transit in history.

Ford Transit wagon is available with a choice of three roof heights, two wheelbases, three body lengths and three engines. It delivers as much as 46 percent better gas mileage than Ford E-Series.

But, there’s one catch.

Check out a screenshot of his post below, this Transit has 957,454 miles.

957,454 miiles is an insane amount of mileage.

Gazafer gave very few details and no additional photos about this particular Transit so, if you were looking for an in-depth dive into this nearly million mile Transit, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed.

As the screenshot shows, this is a Model Year 2015, “full size high roof transport van.”

Gazafer says it’s the 3.5L engine but then clarifies it’s not the Ecoboost so, since these Transits didn’t come with the NA 3.5L Duratec for MY ’15, I assume he meant to say it has a 3.7L.

Here’s the catch, the engine’s been replaced at around 610,000 miles and the transmission at around 435,000 miles, so, not the original engine and transmission.

Regardless, it’s an impressive feat and if there are any Ford engineers keen on finding out about this nearly million mile Transit, you have your lead.

I, for one, want to know what other repairs have been done and what the seats look like.

957,454 miles means, on average, this Transit’s driven 136,779 miles a year or roughly 374 miles every single day, significantly more than the average American.

That, however, pales in comparison to the 2022 Honda Civic that’s hit 236,000+ miles in its first year of ownership I blogged about last week.

While this Transit’s mileage feat would’ve been even more impressive all on the same powertrain, it still returned a lot of value for its original purchase price.

If an engine and transmission swap is in the cards to reach a million miles, hey, I think that’s still mighty monumental.


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